26.05.2005 General News

Canadian Firm To Clear Volta Lake Of Stumps

26.05.2005 LISTEN
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Two Canadian firms have begun discussions with the Volta River Authority (VRA) and the government on how best to improve safety on the Volta Lake.

The firms, Wayne Dunn and Associates and Triton Logging Company Incorporated, say they want to position the VRA as a leading example of sustainable lake management on the continent.

The leader of the Wayne Dunn/Triton team, Mr Joe Clark, who is also a former Canadian Prime Minister, said in an interview in Accra that the company had the technology to remove wood and tree stumps in the lake to ensure safety on it. One of the problems associated with the Volta Lake has to do with the submerged trees and stumps in it. They do not help to ensure safety on it.

Mr Clark indicated that the company would ensure the highest level of environmental performance, and train and develop Ghanaian contractors to undertake underwater harvesting activities.

It would also facilitate the development of a value-added process sector “for the eco-friendly and certifiable wood produced from the Volta Lake”.

“We are prepared to be in partnership with Ghanaians who so desire and we'll ensure technology transfer to the local people,” Mr Clark said.

He submitted that the companies' social responsibilities enjoined them to give opportunities to people along the lake area to get involved in the programme.

Triton designed and built the world's most versatile underwater logging technology known as Sawfish.

Mr Tony Melli, the chairman of Triton Logging Company Incorporated, said the unique technology could harvest 37 trees per dive without disrupting aquatic ecosystem and destroying the wood fibre.

Mr Wayne Dunn, the Managing Director of Wayne Dunn/Triton, said “the company believes that a comprehensive approach that addresses social, economic, environmental and safety issues concurrently, with the harvesting of submerged timber, will produce the greatest long term value for all stakeholders”.

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