25.05.2005 General News

Clear the air, Mr. President- Alhaji Ramadan

By jfm
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The National vice chairman of the PNC Alhaji Rahman Ramadan is disputing a release from the Chief of Staff dissociating President Kufuor from allegations relating to the purchase a hotel building near his residence.

The Chief of Staff, Kwadjo Mpiani signed a release on Tuesday that the president is innocent of the alleged deal.

But in an interview with Joy News, Alhaji Ramadan says recent interventions by Chief Kufuor's spokesman, Charles Sam and that of a former economic advisor to the President Gizzel Yajzi render the Chief of Staff's statement incredible.

He urged the President help Ghanaians put the pieces together.

“This statement made by spokesperson of the son of the president was denied and people dissociated themselves from that particular statement, in that case we have also listened to the Iraqi-American lady's statement. So if today Kufuor is making a statement through the chief of staff that this thing is not true, I would not be able to believe it,” he says.

On the former Presidential advisor's claim to have had an intimate relationship with the President, Alhaji Ramadan said he would appreciate it if President Kufuor could speak for himself.

“If you are talking about intimate relationships, it is an issue between two human beings and its one person's word against the other. But we need to hear from him because we have already heard from her. He has to tell us his side of the story too because Kwabena Agyapong cannot really speak for the President as far as intimate relations is concerned,” he says.

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