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1 July 2017 | Press Statement

57th Republic Day Celebration-Ghana Must Read To Win.

Tulasi Mathias

On behalf of the entire membership of Read Ghana Foundation, we wish to congratulate all Ghanaians as the country marks its 57th Republic Day Today.Hurray for the milestone.

As Ghana celebrates its 57th Republic Day Today as a country, we must all sincerely thank God Almighty for how far he has brought us though we still have some setbacks.

In reflection, of prospects is a day that the country totally weaned itself from the British Colonial Rule.

As a foundation, we want to cease this opportune moment to enable us salute all Senior Citizens of this country who played significant roles in the struggle for freedom and nation building that had made us to act prospects as a country.

It was all joy how 57years ago Ghana marked this event of profound historical and political significance.

However, we must be quick to say that, our beloved nation still faces a lot of challenges such as unemployment, diseases, severe poverty, lack of social amenities, lawlessness, child labour, Teenage Pregnancy, Chieftaincy disputes, armed-robbery, and illiteracy etc.

As a foundation that is committed to closing the illiteracy gap by bringing literacy to the doorstep of all Ghanaian school pupils irrespective of their religion and social standards through outreach programs in their respective schools, churches and communities etc

We will like to dwell on issues of illiteracy as one of the challenges facing our country.

It is a common knowledge that, majority of our Ghanaian school pupils cannot read either in L1 or L2 yet it is generally agreed that reading guarantees general learning.

A child who cannot read is not likely to do well in other subjects requiring reading and according to research findings most pupils do not benefit from lessons taught at school because they cannot read.

A child who reads will eventually become an adult who thinks.We need to focus our attention on this seriously.

On this 57th Republic Day Celebration, we are calling on all Ghanaians to do their best in promoting reading among school pupils because a reading nation is a winning nation as captured in the logo of RGF.

We will therefore like to clear these misconceptions in the minds of some of us.

•Schools are responsible for Literacy.This is not true because a broad range of actors shape literacy development thus from parents, peers and health services etc.

•Parents have no influence on their children's literacy development after early years.This is not true because parents attitude and literacy practices have a very significant influence on their children's literacy development, all the way through secondary school.

•lt is too late to do anything about literacy problems after children finish primary school.This is not true because thousands of children enter secondary school able to read, but well enough to do well in school.With specialized support, these young ones can develop good or even excellent literacy skills.

•Some people just cannot read and write.This is not true because almost everyone who struggles with reading and writing could develop adequate literacy skills given the right and needed support.

•Only people with the most severe cognitive difficulties are incapable of developing functional literacy.This is not true because educational stakeholders are responsible for teaching children how to read and write.

As we mark this day let us reflect on issues concerning reading.

Once again, happy Republic Day Celebration.

Long Live Ghana

Long Live Education

Long Live Read Ghana Foundation

Mathias Tulasi
Executive Director/Founder

Ps.Bright McBrain Tulasi
Training Officer

Madam Esther Armah
Policy and Programs Director.