24.05.2005 General News

We Are All Suffering - NPP Press Secretary

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In a rather pensive mood, Mr Kwadwo Afari, Press Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has given vent to his spleen on those Ghanaians who are blaming the government of creating untold hardships for them.

According to him, such accusers should rather blame themselves for failing to make good use of the numerous opportunities offered them by the government.

"Anyone, who claims to be suffering under, NPP Administration, should blame themselves. Such people, as far as I am concerned, are not just trying to be fair with this government. As I am sitting here, I have to pay over ¢2 million toward my children's school fees, but where would I get it from?"

Everybody in this country, including myself, is part of the country's problems", he angrily pointed out. Mr Afari, who was speaking in an interview at the party's headquarters on Friday, May 20, was reacting to media reports that the government was losing popularity I its own strongholds, because of the current economic hardships, following the increases in prices of petroleum products, as well as other factors concerning the perception of corruption.

He bluntly stated that "what Ghanaians need to do is to be a bit more innovative; one should not expect the government to do almost everything for them. Few months after the New Patriotic Party (NP) assumed office, the government, in an effort to lessen the gloomy plight of Ghanaians, released about ¢500 billion, through the various district assemblies, to enable people engage in their own economic ventures, but what do we see today? Such a huge amount of money is being used for unprofitable activities.

Though they gave us the mandate to solve their problems for them, they should also, be supportive enough to help the government move the nation forward", he charged.

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