22.05.2005 Education

Free Primary Education .. Not Still Free

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The Deputy Minister for Education in charge of Basic Education, Mrs. Angela Baiden Amissah has intimated that the government policy of absolving all the fees of students at the primary level would not come to fruition until the end of this year.

The minister of finance, Mr. Baah Wiredu announcing the fuel price hike noted that as part of the government policy of mitigating the effect fuel price hike could have on the ordinary Ghanaian stated that the government with effect from the date of the fuel price hike is absolving all fees paid by school children at the primary level.

Mrs. Angela Baiden Amissah in an interview with the media yesterday noted that the free primary education is currently being executed by the government on pilot basis and the policy would fully come to fruition by the end of the year. She stated that the current scheme of issues would not make the policy prudent enough to start now. This view expressed by Mrs. Baiden Amissah defeats the statement made by Mr. Baah Wiredu to the effect that the policy has started with the coming into effect of the new fuel price.

Mrs. Angela Baiden Amissah noted that as part of the recommendation of the new educational reforms, the government would incorporate pre-primary education into the mainstream educational structure by the year 2007.

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