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June 24, 2017 | Belindabe's Corner

Many Witnesses

Belinda Be
Many Witnesses

I have just completed my two-year degree Top-up programme at the Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ) last month. I did my Diploma programme between 2005-2007.

During my diploma days, there were two first year diploma classes made up of about 60 or so students each. These two classes were combined into a single class in our second year. I still remember how those of us seated at the back struggled to hear the lecturers lecture. We always had problems with the speakers and microphones.

I also remember how we had to wait our turns to use the washrooms(there were 3 WCs each for males and females).

Concerning the infrastructure, as a student remarked on one of the school's WhatsApp platforms that I belong to, ''before 2010, GIJ was not a place you could even take a selfie and post on social media.'' In fact, students from other schools, our families and friends used to ridicule us; they likened our prestigious institute to a hen coop!

And the library was not specious enough to accommodate the student body.

When I returned for my top-up programme, there was a vast difference. For the first time, we could boast of a beautiful 3-storey edifice. The public address systems work, at least for the lecture halls I sat in. The library is bigger. And we have more washrooms(well, maintenance is another issue).

But like Oliver Twist, we want more. Students believe our fees are exorbitant and should be reduced. We would also like our bills itemised. And of course, we still don't understand why we should pay individual penalties for the late submission of a group project work!

Well, I don't know about the allegations of corruption and other malpractices being leveled against the current Rector, Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah -of course I am not an insider- but this l know, GIJ has improved greatly under his administration, at least in terms of infrastructure. And the numerous student 'witnesses' can attest to that.

Written by Belindabe
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