21.05.2005 General News

Nkrumaist unity pact in danger

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Accra, May 21, GNA - The Convention People's Party (CPP), on Saturday caution members of the party against the adoption of entrenched positions on the merger talks with the People's National Convention (PNC).

"Parties negotiating for unity must be transparent, exhibit the outmost good will and avoid the temptation of sticking to entrenched positions," Dr Edmund Delle, Chairman of the CPP, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

He explained that the two parties had adopted a platform for merger, adding, "We have only crossed the first hurdle in the establishment of good faith to guide our activities in the quest for unity".

Dr Delle expressed concern about pronouncements and media publications by leading members of the CPP, who have adopted an entrenched position on the symbol and slogan for a United Nkrumaist Party.

The CPP Chairman urged the members to channel their concerns and suggestions through the Unity Platform.

"We must not forget that negotiations is about give and take, we cannot in one breath be calling for concession from our partners, whilst we stick to our position.

"If the unity is crucial to us, then we must be prepared to sacrifice for the attainment of unity, the grass roots are calling on us to unite," stressing, "what is paramount?, Unity with new symbol and slogan or staying fragmented with our symbols and slogans"?

Dr Delle said leadership of the two parties had started regional tours to hold discussions and circulate the Common Platform document for consensus building.

He said after that the document would be presented to the legal committee for submission to the National Delegates Congress of the two parties for consideration.

Dr Delle said after Congress, "then we will start the registration procedure at the Electoral Commission".

He said, "what we have done now is working out an organisational programme for the attainment of united progressive activism in the country".

Dr Delle urged the leadership of the two parties to approach the unity talks with the goodwill that would help achieve the desired unity expeditiously.

The CPP Leader said that as a result of the divisions in the Nkrumaists front, many of its sympathisers "are sitting on the fence and will surely receive the announcement of the achievement of unity with joy".

Dr Nii Noi Dowuona, General Secretary of the CPP and Dr Somtim Tobiga, General Secretary of the PNC said in a press statement that the unity talks had led to the adoption of the name "Convention People's Party" (CPP) and the "Coconut" of the PNC as a symbol, with the motto "Forward Ever with Honest Service".

It said, in furtherance of the objective, a six-member committee drawn from the leadership of each party was formed to collate major decisions reached with respect to a common constitution and political platform for consideration.

The statement urged members, supporters and sympathizers of both parties to demonstrate commitment toward the course and not to do anything to undermine the process.

Since the announcement, leading members of the CPP, had threatened legal action against any attempt to change the party's symbol and slogan.

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