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20.05.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: Anane Must Protect the President

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Accra Daily Mail (ADM) has all this while refrained from commenting on Dr. Richard Anane since his vetting earlier in the year by parliament brought out a number of issues concerning his private and official lives.

These are now subjects of much public salacious gossip and discussion.

For the time being, we wish to reserve our reasons for not commenting earlier. But recent developments have now compelled us to comment in these words:

Dear Dr. Anane,

We have nothing personal against you. In politics, it often happens that a particular politician becomes the fall guy. Sadly, providence has chosen you to be that guy in this 2nd term of the Kufuor Administration.

Providence can also be wicked. Your loyalty and friendship to our president are impeccable. The best you can do for the president, in these circumstances, is to count your losses - and gains too - and quit.

This way, you will maintain your self- respect, protect our president's honour and enhance the repute of our country. Please do this one noble thing for your self, your family, President Kufuor and Ghana: RESIGN! You are hurting them all with your continued stay in office.

Please note that we are not passing any moral judgement on you, unfortunately, due to the hand of providence, your name has simply become a liability to our president and your party.

There are times in a man's life when giving way is more courageous than staying put. Put your dignity, our president's good name and our country's honour above NPP and NDC politics and do the right thing. Please, Dr Anane, your decision could make all the difference as to whether your party has a future or not.

In other words, it is no longer a Dr. Anane affair but an NPP affair...Please think seriously about this and hand in your resignation to the president. Even if he declines to accept it, defy him and walk out of the job.

You will be doing him much good than harm. Please, please, please...

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