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18 June 2017 | Opinion/Feature

OH Africa, Until when……………

Samuel Abadoo-Brew
OH Africa, Until when……………

The life of an average black African always rests on fear and hope! Why?! Why do we think we do not have the capacity to accomplish something big unless by the supernatural?

Why do we hide in our fear with the excuse that we waiting upon God? You may call it Holy Ghost, instinct or Guts as my white friends call it but one thing is clear......we lack Boldness!

The Whiteman who is sometimes seen as ungodly laugh at us because what he sees us do is only visiting pastors just to buy hope and overcome our fear, something they do not need cos they believe in themselves.

It is indeed for nothing that we say the best education is "travel and see". Let’s be confident in your decisions. The mind can do one million times what the computer does. Plan your best and worst scenarios and take the move. I have told myself until I fail seven hundred and seventy-seven time I won't stop pursuing what I believe in.

These white guys always see what we cannot see yet they do not worship God the way we do. It took them to tell us we have gold, oil, diamond etc. It took them to tell us what we need is among and within us.

One secret I can tell you is they don't believe in waste! Efficiency and sharing is the mindset they carry. They believe in time. All through Europe, you see the clock at public places. Just like how the creator created this earth, they believe everything can be done so long as you make each minute count. I tell you when they are working, it's amazing! The dedication, the passion, and the enthusiasm are so visible. It always difficult to work with them in the first time's because whiles I am seeing why it can't be done, he is thinking how it can be done! We always say the 'Burgers' when they come down are too known but the fact is if you stay in Europe for some time, you get infected with the possibility mindset so much so that you come home and don't understand why we are like that?! We get killed from mosquitoes yet we create breeding places for them. The Whiteman do not have those dangerous mosquitoes yet you don't see one single open gutter (even when you see one, it’s water is as clear as a drinking water). Why! My ppl why!!!!

A disaster happens in Europe and the next minute everybody is donating something to help the victims. They do not wait for NADMO to respond before the victims are taking care of but what is happening in my own country; Disaster is a cocoa season for the big men! that which is even supposed to be given to victims are being stolen left right center! No feelings for our next brother! Why my ppl why!!? I can go on and on but the bottom line is, the mindset that the Whiteman has, the compassion he expresses for his follow brother, that can-do spirit is all that matters!

I leave you with this; between us and them who is fulfilling the Great commandment in John 13:34? This is their secret!!!

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