20.05.2005 Diaspora News

Kumawu citizens abroad - Kumawu Crying For Help

By Adofo, Rockson
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Kumawu Crying For Help In The Provision Of Pipe Borne Water. Kumawu is limping, lagging many years behind and does not in the figment of imagination match infrastructural in reciprocity its historical eminence, as pertained in the Ashanti history and its huge land mass area. Kumawu had contested with Kumasi for the capital of the then Ashanti Kingdom through the medium of the renowned Okomfo Anokye. The selflessness of its king Nana Tweneboa Kodua of most cherished memory moved him into offering his head in superstitious sacrifice to cushion and save the Ashanti Kingdom in her expansionary tribal war pursuits. It was a sub-district in the greater Mampong district yet, it is lacking immensely in the provision of social and economic amenities. Its contribution to the economy of Ghana in the provision of timber, cocoa and foodstuff just to mention a few, cannot be over-emphasized.

The inhabitants of Kumawuman for since the better part of the 1960's until now have been facing acute water shortage. The nearest stream is miles away and even infested with water borne diseases, a great worry and concern not only to the indigenes but also the students of Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School, who lose hours of study time fetching water from the streams.

The incessant appeals to the successive governments to secure Kumawu and its environs viable pipe borne water, always materialized only as far as on paper but not on the ground, a disturbing mental agony, of course.

The apathy in the Kumawu citizens both at home and in Diaspora, is so great that they don't see the worth of initiating any self-help project towards procuring Kumawu any drinkable disease-free water.

The last straw that broke the camel's back is the lame duck and "I concur” attitude of all the Members of Parliament from the Kumawu Constituency, in subsequence, after the Honourable Krobo Adusei of the CPP. They hardly consult and interact on professional basis with the constituents, holding surgeries to learn about their individual and collective problems, wants and requests to carry before Parliament. They fail to present their constituents needs to Parliament let alone partaking in any debates or discussions of national interests. With such MPs, how can Kumawu get a share of the national cake let alone its fair share, in a country where the cake is distributed not according to fairness, merit or in need of, but on the basis of "whom you know" and who can talk oratory.

The MPs finding fun in spicing up their lives in varieties of women is no ones concern but that should not take precedence over the expectations of them by their constituents. I am neither extrapolating huge dooms from small incidents nor accusing anyone falsely, but am trying to put across to the entire nation the truth about how Kumawu has been robbed naked in neglect, in broad daylight.

Kumawu needs good and disease-free water from the government of Ghana and thus, from the NPP administration. Kumawu citizens abroad should also make it a point to help when the government calls for help, undertaking this great feat. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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