18.05.2005 General News

Kufuor And Son Exposed By Spokesman

By The Lens
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Are you putting up, or have you put up, a high-rise building in a residential area? Watch out, your building could become a security threat if any of your neighbours become a President. The Lens -- Mr. Charles Sam, the official spokesman of President Kufuor's “ 41 years old professional accountant” son who responds to the name Chief Addo Kufuor, has revealed that the “41 years old professional accountant” son of the President bought the multi-million dollar hotel being built near the President's private residence upon “suggestion” from his father, the President.

According to Charles Sam, the President's security people had determined that the hotel's proximity to the President's private residence poses a security threat to the President and his household, upon which determination the security people recommended that the President either sells his private residence or buys the hotel.

Charles Sam, who less than a year ago was one of the most virulent and acerbic critics of Mr Kufuor, went on to reveal that based upon the recommendation of the security people, the President “suggested” to his “forty-one years old professional accountant” son to “consider” buying the hotel, now christened “Hotel Kufuor”.

According to Charles Sam the President “suggested” that his son buys the hotel because “the President has a tradition, and in his tradition the President's house belongs to his first son.”

Mr. Charles Sam's revelations clearly show President Kufuor's personal involvement in the acquisition of the hotel, and it has raised questions about the extent to which the President might have used the influence and power of his office to “influence” the original owner to sell the hotel to his son.

Even though Charles Sam said the President's son is only a shareholder in the hotel, he refused to name the other shareholders in the property and he failed to let the public know how much shares the President's son has in the hotel.

Significantly, neither Charles Sam nor his latest paymaster, the son of the President, is telling Ghanaians how the acquisition of the hotel by the President's son suddenly causes the security threat that its presence poses to the private residence of the President to disappear.

Sources close to the original owner of the hotel, Mr Anthony Saoud, say he was pressurized into selling the hotel; he could no longer withstand the arm-twisting tactics that were being used to push him to relinquish his interest in the hotel. These arm-twisting tactics were said to have been extended to his timber business, which was gradually stifled out of existence.

The revelation that the President “suggested" that his son buys the hotel calls to mind the press release recently issued by a group of journalists upon their return from a sponsored trip to Switzerland. In the said release, the journalists said they discovered that African leaders, including some Ghanaian leaders, “have stacked up huge sums of stolen money in Swiss Banks”, and that these leaders use the names of their children, friends, relatives and even bodyguards to open such accounts.

Presumably these thieving African leaders also use the names of their children, friends, relatives and even bodyguards to acquire properties.

Meanwhile readers should stay tuned as the Lens brings them the amazing turn around of Charles Sam, not long ago one of the hardest hitting critics of Mr Kufuor and how he has now suddenly become really cool with the system. Some Charles

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