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11.06.2017 Opinion

Help Save The Public Service

Bobby Mens

When media houses capture stories like " massive transfer hit YEA after payroll fraud" and published the name of affected staff, you create the impression like those affected were the ones involved in the fraud. Thus if there is a fraud, how come people with ezwich numbers be ghost. Then the manages of the ezwich platform who generated the numbers base of the biometric details of the beneficiaries should rather be held accountable for generating numbers to supposed ghost.

This whole this is a ploy my the current administrator of the agencies to fill all the top position with their constituency youth organizers who are constantly pressuring them to deliver on the promise they made to them to be given the District directorship position. They have already achieve the promise of making the regional youth organizers to take up the regional directorship​position and asking the public servants who occupied those positions to proceed on leave.

Currently they terminated all the 200 graduates monitoring and evaluation contract staff appointment and replace them with over 800 constituency sec some cannot even write thier name let alone compose one good sentence.

And same senario happening in all public institution such as GHPA, NADMO, School feeding program, cocoa board, etc.

If the media houses don't help to halt such menace corruption in public service will be intensified cos each public servants will see him/her service as public servants tied to the tenure of a political party hence massive loosing.

Public Service commission, labour commission, PSWU, Head of civil service etc all should help stop politicization of public service.

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