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10.06.2017 Feature Article

Word Digest: A Seed Of Blessing Or A Curse?

Word Digest: A Seed Of Blessing Or A Curse?

Scripture readings: Mark 4:1-13, Mark 4:14-20 NIV

A seed of blessing or a curse? Did you know whatever you are doing is a seed sowing? What are you sowing? Are you sowing a good or bad seed?

Where are you sowing? Are you sowing your seed in a rich or poor soil?

What fruits are you reaping thereof?
These are heart searching questions.
Whatever seed you are sowing whether good or bad has a result.

The seed in this context could be plans, deeds, thoughts, emotions, strategies we are sowing one way or the other.

The soil could be liken to where we are sowing our seeds or the environment in which we find ourselves. Are you sowing on a good or bad ground?

What kind of fruit are you bearing thereof?
Is the word of God taking seed in your life?
Your kind of seed sowing will determine what you would get and its impact on the people around you.

When you sow a good seed, you reap a good harvest. However when you sow a bad seed you reap a bad fruit.

Are you a seed of blessing or curse to the generation?

Folks, I encourage you to be a seed of blessing to your world not the opposite.

By so doing, let the word of God be your life manual and always think and act good.

God bless you for reading and sharing.
Jesus thank you for the message. Lord help me to become a seed of blessing to the entire generation in the mighty name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

Lord Jesus you are my strength and song.
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