18.05.2005 General News

Kufuor Mad At Charles Sam

By The Lens
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Accra, May 18, Lens -- The Lens can reveal that Charles Sam, the official spokesman of the “41 years old professional accountant” son of the President, was on Monday summoned to the Presidency and given a sound tongue-lashing after which he was ordered not to utter a word, neither on behalf of the President's son, nor the President, nor any other member of the President's family or household. Charles Sam has also been banned from going near the President's house or near any of the Presidents children, a source close to the Presidency told The Lens. The source said President Kufuor was livid with rage when he was told that Charles Sam had exposed his personal involvement in the acquisition of the multi-million dollar hotel being built near the President's private residence. According to our source, the President directed that Charles Sam should be summoned and warned not to talk on behalf of his son or any member of the family. The source said the President was particularly angry because there was no need for Mr. Charles Sam to bring out the kinds of details in his interview.
“These were matters he was told in confidence and there was absolutely no need for him to repeat them in public. The President is really angry. Charles Sam was really lucky the President was not in Accra,” the source said.
Meanwhile snippets of information trickling-in from The Lens sources in the country's security network say conspiracy theorists within the security apparatus have already started coming up with theories suggesting that Charles Sam might have been planted by the NDC to expose President Kufuor.
Our sources say the theorists are theorising that Charles Sam was at one time quite close to the former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, and that she might have pushed him to expose President Kufuor.

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