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08.06.2017 General News

Peaceful Transition In Akuapem

Daily Guide
Felix Awuku Amaning

On the passing of Okuapehene Oseadeyeyo Addo Dankwa III in August 2015 and his interment early last year, the citizens of Akropong and Okuapeman were eagerly awaiting the enstoolment of a successor from the Sakyiabea Royal Family, but the process was painfully interrupted by the demise of the queen mother and aunt of the late Omanhene, Nana Dokua II.

In accordance with tradition, it became necessary for the queen mother's funeral to be held and a replacement installed before the enstoolment process for a new Okuapehene could commence.

Tradition demands that an Ohenmea (queen mother) must properly assume her position to officially request the appropriate Royal family to present a qualified, fit, and proper person for her consideration and subsequent presentation to Asona Chiefs of Akropong and the entire Okoman for endorsement and enstoolment.

On Monday, 22nd May 2017, at a colourful and solemn ceremony, a new Ohenmea from the Nketia Royal family of Akropong, Madam Awo Prah Agyekum, an educationist, was peacefully selected in accordance with the time-tested tradition and custom of the proud people of Akropong and Okuapeman.

This was heart-warming news. Her formal installation and presentation to Okuapeman after her 21-day customary confinement is therefore eagerly awaited.

The Ohenmea's selection procedure was a fitting “dress rehearsal” for the selection and enstoolment of a new Okuapehene.

Information from authentic sources confirms that the people of Akuapem must expect “good tidings of great joy”. We are told that the Sakyiabea Royal Family, one of the three royal families from which the Omanhene must be selected, led by their Abusuapanyin Dr. Obuobisa Newman with the support of Aberewatia Lily Agyeman, have exhausted their internal processes and have settled on Odehye Awuku Amaning, a graduate of the University of Ghana. Although some other royals from the family have expressed keen interest in the succession, it has been determined that Odehye Awuku Amaning meets the criteria the family established after a list of 19 royals had been pruned to four.

The four short-listed persons were Odehye Kwadwo Kesse Antwi, Odehye Kwaku Addo Kwadade, Odehye Kwasi Dokyi and Odehye Felix Awuku Amaning

It is therefore expected that should tradition be allowed to prevail, as in the case of the Ohenmea, Okuapeman will have 34-year-old Odehye Awuku Amaning, a corporate executive in the tourism industry who is married with children as the Omanhene.

The Abusuapanyin and members of his advisory committee, which included Aberewatia Lily Agyeman, Odehye Ohene Frimpong, Odehye Abrokwa Okoampa, Ahenenanahene Dr. F.W.A. Akuffo and others deserve commendation for a job well done.

The well-documented selection process of the Abusuapanyin commenced as far back September 2015 with meetings of the entire Sakyiabea Family and exclusive meetings with the royals in the family.

The Sakyiabea Royal Family has confirmed through the head of family that they are ready to present a suitable candidate that is acceptable to the family and meets the high standards of Okuapeman.

It is expected that after the new queen mother has been enstooled, Okoman will formally request for a new Okuapehene through the Kurontihene of Akuapem.

This request will be taken to the Ohenmea.
The queen mother takes over the process at this point. She will send emissaries, the Akyeamehene and the Asonahene, to the Abusuapanyin of the Sakyiabea Royal Family with this request.

The date for the presentation of the chosen royal will be agreed with the queen mother, and on that day he will be presented.

The Sakyiabea Royal Family, led by the Abusuapanyin Dr. Obuobisa Newman, is able and ready to provide an Odehye from the Sakyiabea Royal Family as the prospective occupant of the Oforikuma Stool.

It is our hope and expectation that the new queen mother and other stool elders will play their respective roles without fear or favour so that a fit and proper person will succeed the late Nana Addo Dankwa III.

By Yaw Bediako