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06.06.2017 Feature Article

Do we have Unity Party's administration leaks in Liberia?

Do we have Unity Party's administration leaks in Liberia?

We all know that in developed and civilized nations, freedom of expression and the rule of law are powerful tools used to deter the abuse of power and theft of public funds. However, since these are somehow lacking in Liberia, in the actual sense of the application, we have engaged few international friends and explained to them why our country is poor and backward.

To our surprise, few or some international lawyers based in New York and others in the UK, are developing a Facebook-connected social media platform with a capability for a Messenger account where all and any Liberian that knows about stolen wealth from Liberia can go and report confidentially. So far, we learned that their leads have taken them to Lebanon and some Middle Eastern countries where they have or are tracking stolen wealth deposited in several accounts belonging to top-level Liberians as well as their foreign associates and friends, mainly Lebanese business people that they work with and trust.

This social media platform and activities aimed at tracking leaders who steal, we are told, will be extended to other African nations depending on its success in Liberia effective March 2018 when the work starts.

Michael Moore, famous for making very serious documentaries and speaking out against the abuse of power in the United States, is said to be pursued to get onboard to help Liberia recovers its stolen wealth. Moore is currently the founder of a project called TrumpLeaks which link is seen below:
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