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05.06.2017 General News

Abibiman Foundation On World Environment Day 2017

By Abibiman Foundation
Abibiman Foundation On World Environment Day 2017
LISTEN JUN 5, 2017

Abibiman Foundation prays that the environmental concerns at the beach area be addressed without delay.

The Sakumono beach enclave popularly known as Titanic beach is a fast growing tourism avenue which is bedeviled with hash and negative human impacts.

In this age of civilization and responsive societies, it is unacceptable and inhuman for people to operate in such areas without the provision of an efficient waste management system.

It is sad to note that there is open defecation at the beach. Shop owners have no place of convenience let alone to the availability of visitors who patronize their services.

There are no trash bins at vantage points and the best they do is to gather rubbish and burn leaving the redues to be washed into the ocean.

We need to protect our beaches and have workng systems . One would wonder how such spaces at the beach would be given without a plan to harmonize our businesses in a sustainable manner.

Arrangement for waste management system in itself is an avenue for employment and businesses to grow.

The provision of a centralized effective washroom facility would also bring comfort and raise revenue for the state.

A campaign on beach littering ought to be initiated in full scale. Fire safety measures are vital for a preventive fire approach and its management.

On this day the Abibiman Foundation wishes to call on the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, the traditional authorities and the central government to address these concerns for a sustainable living and development. As we connect daily with nature we have a collective responsibility to be environmental conscious. Let's protect our environment and save the oceans.

Any further information contact. Mr. Robert Tettey Kwami Amitey Abibiman Foundation Email: [email protected] [email protected]