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31.05.2017 Feature Article

Upper Denkyira West DCE Must Be Sacked With Immediate Effect

President Nana Akufo- Addo
LISTEN MAY 31, 2017

The District Chief Executive of Upper Denkyira West has no business handling the security of the area after his unguarded comment about the murder of The Late Captain Martin Adam Mahama.

At a time when the entire nation mourned the unfortunate death of the young Captain who had left his family in Accra to serve Ghana in Denkyira, the DCE was busy spewing lies about the murdered soldier to justify the brutality of the people.

As someone assigned to represent the President at the District and be the head of security in the area, even if that was the case, he could have exercised a certain level of professionalism and empathy in addressing the issue.

No soldier assigns himself, he follows orders. Even if he was protecting the illegal miners, the best person to have acted should have been the DCE who is the head of security in the area.

President Akufo Addo campaigned on the mantra of competence and assured the people of Ghana that he was going to give us responsive and sensitive leadership along with likeminded people.

In view of this, anyone whose conduct and competence contradicts the views of people about our president should have no place in his team because that is not the team he promised us and that is not what Ghanaians voted for.

While President Akufo Addo was condemning the act and assuring the people of Ghana that the law will take it cause, his representative in the area was justifying the murder and trying to give us reasons that the people didn’t have much choice.

The Denkyira West DCE clearly lacks the competence and intelligence to lead the district and this should not be overlooked by the president

Thankfully, the Minister for Defence, Hon Dominic Nitiwul rebuked him and directed him to keep mute and stop spewing the lies because he had evidence to the effect that the soldiers were there to fight galamsey. I hope it doesn’t end there.

Any reasonable person knows that soldiers work under command and don’t move without instructions. In view of this, even if they were deployed there to protect Chinese Miners who have license but gone beyond the space of their license to do illegal mining, it was the responsibility of the DCE to call them to order or report them because legally, he is the president of that District and Head of the District Security Counsel.

He cannot use that as the basis to justify the murder of the young man because his death had nothing to do with the mining

We have too many talk-before-you-think people in our politics and it is high time a signal is sent that the leaders view, however daft it is cannot be taken for granted

You don’t grant an interview because a radio station called you, you have to think through the issue, juxtapose your view against the fact and anticipate how it can help the issues before you are agree to speak or decline the offer for another time when you have full grasp of the issue

Hon Daniel Appianin who I in all honesty struggled to attach the title honourable to can’t head the District Security Counsel. He must go for a wiser leader to man the place because from what is being gathered, the area has security issues and this man of all people can’t be the one handed the responsibility of securing them.

In leadership, wisdom is a principal thing: Daniel Appianin appears to lack that and competence and not fit for ‘Competent’ Nana’s government.

Isaac Kyei Andoh [email protected]

Isaac Kyei Andoh
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