14.05.2005 General News

Babangida’s candidacy launched in Accra

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THE Ghana chapter of the Movement for the Return of IBB Reality 2007, an umbrella grouping of Nigerian business people and political activists, yesterday launched the bid to get General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, a former head of state of Nigeria return as the nation's leader.

At a press conference at the International Press Centre in Accra, the Ghana Chapter Chairman of the movement, Mr Henry Bubemi Shebure, extolled the virtues of General Babangida and hailed his intention to contest the country's presidency as being in the best interest of Nigeria and the entire African continent and Black race.

“Leaders are not made, they are born. Our man IBB rose through the ranks in the military with humility and dedication to serve Nigerians, his primary constituency and Africa, his ancestral heritage. This humility has dedication to duty he brought to bear in the nation when he was the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“I will say here that Nigeria and Nigerians have never had it so good like it was in the era of our man, IBB” he emphasised.

Mr Shebure pointed out that the sterling leadership qualities General Babangida exhibited during his eight year stewardship, among others, improved the quality of life of the mass of the international community.

“Our man IBB is a household name on the Nigerian political scene. He brought hope to the hopeless, satisfied the needs of the needy, gave voice to the voiceless, positively transformed Nigeria and brought prosperity to Nigerians without discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or social backgrounds”, he added.

The Return of IBB National Co-ordinator listed numerous achievements chalked by Nigeria under the leadership of General Babangida including revamping the national economy, revitalising collapsed and distressed industries, accelerated the building of national and particular rural infrastructure, the setting of the mass mobilisation for Social and Economic Recovery (MAMSER), the National Directorate of Employment which helped create more jobs for Nigerians, the establishment of the grassroots peoples Bank of Nigeria, the National Road Safety Commission to bring sanity on Nigeria's road and thus saving more lives.

Mr Shabure pointed out that General Babangida as a member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a progressive leader, believed in continuity and would therefore strive to improve upon what President Olusegun Obasanjo had achieved for the country when he gets the mandate of the people to rule in 2007.

“His wealth of experience as a former head of state and his experiences as a nationalist and patriotic who loves his country and Africa, would position him to work tireless to unite all Nigerians and Africans and anchor them on the road to prosperity, peace and development” he stressed.

Mr Shebure expressed the hope that all well meaning Nigerians in Ghana, as well as in other areas would join in the IBB Return and Reality train to help bring back the General to move Nigeria and Africa forward.

Mr Billy Gbeti Humphrey, Lagos State Chairman of the IBB Return and Reality 2007 who chaired the function described the bid of General Babangida to run for the presidency as a wonderful opportunity for Nigerians and Africa as a whole to reassert their greatness.

He was optimistic of the General winning the presidential election race because “he is a true man of the people”.

Other top members of the IBB Movement Reality 2007 included Alhaji Musah Sani, Mr Udu Ogodo, Director of Strategies, Mr Kingsley Ovie Mgonyebi, Deputy Co-ordinator, Ghana Chapter and Mrs Umello Ogechi, leading member of the national chapter of the movement.

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