13.05.2005 Sports News

GFA Must Get Its Act Together

By Mr. CNN
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I read the resignation letter of Mr. Nyaho Tamakloe and I wish him much success on any endeavors. The Former Chairman of the Ghana Football Association, Mr. Tamakloe probably "butted heads" with people in the Executive Council of GFA the moment he took the hot seat. The Football Authority in Ghana must work together for reforms and adhere to the policies of FIFA. It is a sad situation that most Chief Executives when they take the hot seat, they seem to have problems within a short period of time in their tenure. "People, why can't we all just get along? Rodney King said it, years ago.

It is embarrassing to Ghanaians in general for football's world governing body, FIFA, to have intervened and endorsed the view that the structures on which Ghana football rested needed radical reforms. Our football governing body is supposed to be well structured, knowing what to do but unfortunately internal conflicts seemed to have put those structures in disarray and that sends a wrong signal of how the whole body is managed.

It must put all issues behind them and move on now that Tamakloe has resigned. Hon. Yaw Osafo Marfo must put his foot down and make the necessary changes if he has to (No favoritism and kissing butts). Any member of the council who is found also causing problems and embarrassment to the council must also be fired. I do not think Mr. Tamakloe was the problem, he cannot cause the problem alone, and there were people on the Executive Council too who probably should get the blame.

We should hire the next GFA based on merit, and not focus on politics. Politics should always be on the backseat. Before Ben Koufie was given the nod, soccer star, Abedi Pele showed an interest but he didn't get it. Abedi is known worldwide and might have lots of contacts in Europe but for the sake of politics, he never got it.

We must concentrate on winning trophies rather than internal conflicts after conflicts which does not boost morale within the whole soccer community. I hope what happened was a lesson learnt and all alliances which "butted" heads with Tamakloe if any must be punished for the betterment of the GFA. The success of GFA must be the focus of all the Executive members of the GFA and not those there for sake of power and politics.

This is democracy in the highest degree and I hope the GFA will look forward to a better future and not the shenanigans which occurred and confused Ghanaians around the world. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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