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19 May 2017 | Feature Article

Delta Force Tradegy – How The NDC Would Have Resolved It (2)

“Law and order provide framework for stability and development”
“Law and order provide framework for stability and development”

–Lee Kuan Yew

“When the government gives you a black goat, say it was a white cow”

–NDC propaganda message

“All right, stone her to death – but only a man who has never sinned may throw the first stone”

— The Living Bible
Should an accurate and objective social, economic and political history of this county be written by a team of independent minded historians, the AFRC/PNDC/NDC conglomerate would earn the despicable and unenviable credit of sowing, nurturing, grooming and harvesting the seed of violence into national life of this country. After the tumultuous beginning of the “First Republic' and the ushering in of the convalescent “Third Republic”, this country was on the road of peaceful fellowship among its citizens. Suddenly the people of this country were given an electric shock which destroyed the very psychic and moral value of the nation when a group of renegade armed robbers decided in barbaric manner that law and order were antithesis to peaceful fellowship and that brute force which exists in the jungle should be the order of the day. This county has since then never be the same again.

During the AFRC/PNDC era, innocent citizens including grandmothers and grandfathers, without subjecting them to the due process of the law, were stripped naked in public and their precious materials were not only exposed to their children, grandchildren and the general public but also subjected to brutal corporal punishment in the open by marijuana smoking barbarian ruffians with sponsorship from the state, albeit illegally. That was only the tip of the iceberg. Innocent citizens were abducted by criminal bullies deep in the night from their homes and taken into the wilderness only to be killed and their bodies burnt into ashes. Horrendous brutality as that may seem they were the lucky ones. Citizens, murdered in equal horrifying manner were flown deep in the night in helicopters ad their bodies thrown into the deep sea never to be seen again. The faint hearted ones were haunted down and only found solace and died in foreign lands as refuges, their hard earned properties confiscated to the state.

When the dust had settled down, the shameless offspring of some of those innocent victims butchered, tortured, maimed, castrated and banished during the AFRC and PNDC era banded up together with ilk like themselves to form an economic empire under the pretence of a political party, the NDC with the sole aim of creating a legal instrument to use to loot and share the nation's wealth among themselves.

The NDC is a party born out of violence and brutal force and with scant regard for law and order, while lies and propaganda and intimidation and blackmail constituted its stock-in-trade. For the first time a new term “foot soldiers” made its currency on the political map of this country. The term “foot soldiers” was a euphemism to replace “workers defence committees” (WDC) and “peoples defence committees” (PDC) of the PNDC era the moment the PNDC transformed itself into NDC and rigged the national elections to remain in political power for another eight years from the elven years of “provisional” military rule. John Dramani Mahama, the defeated NDC presidential candidate openly boasted of the brutal past of his party when he openly declared himself a black belt holder during an NDC political rally to a tumultuous rapture of applause from his renegade violence intoxicated supporters.

Now the new child on the block is “vigilante groups”. Both the NDC and NPP found it necessary to form vigilante groups when law and order under the NDC broke down. The NPP found it necessary to form vigilante groups when despite massive incidents of intimidations and brutal attacks of innocent members of the NPP without any response from the security forces, Nana Akufo-Addo, then the presidential candidate of the NPP out of exasperation and desperation proclaimed “all die be die”.

Today the NDC is out of power after the massive overwhelming defeat of the despicable evil satanic party.

Today the NDC apparatchiks in minority continue to make fools of themselves. Unintelligent arguments are put out to support fallacies and incongruous suppositions at press conferences and during discussions in the media. They seem not to be ashamed of their satanic evil past and the harm they wrecked on the good people of this country. Shamelessly, the architects of this murderous adventure continue to throw their weights about like well-fed pigs who are in search of romantic dalliance. They continue to behave like Sumo wrestlers exposing their obscene buttocks. The difference being that while Sumo wrestlers offer entertainment, these hoodlums of babies with sharp teeth and old evil dwarfs continue to constitute threat to law and order from their uncouth statements coming from their foul mouths.

It therefore passes all understanding when the NDC in minority should be shouting itself hoarse about the activities of the Delta Force, the vigilante arm of the NPP. Who created the Frankenstein monster who today roams the political landscape of the country? The various statements by the NDC on the Delta Force tragedy would have been ludicrous were it not so tragic. In away, part of the blame must go the NPP in the way and manner it handled the whole tragedy from the beginning. One area the NPP is yet to learn from the NDC is damage control. The NDC is adept at using subterfuge, lies, propaganda, blackmail as well as the carrot and stick approach in damage control. How could the PNDC/NDC remain in power for nineteen good years?

Following the lessons from the Muntie 3, I do not have any doubt in my mind that had the Delta Force tragedy befallen the NDC, the party would have used more subtle and dignified methods to have solved it.

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BY Kwame Gyasi

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Author: Kwame Gyasi
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