11.05.2005 General News

GPHA Boss denies "6-Houses-in-4-Years" Story

By National democrat
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Mr. Ben Owusu-Mensah, Director-General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and a nephew of President Kufuor last week denied the NATIONAL DEMOCRAT'S story that he has put up six plush houses for himself and his children within four years.

Accordingly, he has decided to drag this paper to court for it to prove the allegation. However, this paper can confidently state that, Ben Owusu- Mensah's decision to go to court is just a bluff because he knows very well that the allegations are true.

This paper, already spoiling for a fight, is waiting to face the Director-General in court to prove the allegations. But even before the matter reaches court, the paper has decided to publish pictures of three of the six houses for the perusal of the public, for, as the saying goes, “Picture no lie”.

The pictures of the remaining houses are in our possession and at the appropriate time, they too would be published.

What Kufuor's nephew should now be telling Ghanaians is how he got the money to put up six plush homes within four years!

The Kufuor family is threatening to beat the record of the Marcos family of the Philippines by grabbing by fair or foul means everything within and beyond their reach.

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