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15.05.2017 Petitions

Petition To Food & Drugs Authority Against Angel Group Of Companies Producers Of Adonko Bitters

By Listowell Nana Kusi-Poku Freelance Journalist
Petition To Food & Drugs Authority Against Angel Group Of Companies Producers Of Adonko Bitters
LISTEN MAY 15, 2017


I write for and on behalf of the citizens and non-citizens of Ghana who are consumers and potential consumers of products that are under your regulations whose lives are under risk and threat.

I am writing in respect of PART SEVEN (7) of the Public Health Act, 2012 Act 851 which mandates your authority to protect the Ghanaian public through the regulation of food, drugs, household chemical substances, cosmetics, medical devices among other things and the FDA GUIDELINES.

Mrs. Chief Executive, I Commend your authority on your efforts to making sure that the consumers of FOOD AND DRUGS are protected. I also commend your office for your swift response to issues relating to unwholesome foods on the Ghanaian market.

Mrs. Chief Executive, reading your notices regarding your operations, I must admittedly remark that you have a lot of work on your hand to execute. However, I believe you have further more inputs to make as far as the execution of your functions as an authority is concerned. The case in point is in respect of the sanctions that your office imposed on Angel Group of Companies, manufacturers of ADONKO BITTERS which I and some other members of the public have been victims of its content.

Mrs. Chief Executive, I read that your office has imposed the sanctions below on Angel Group of Companies, manufacturers of this ADONKO BITTERS for breaching FDA’s GUIDELINES and at large the Public Health Act, 2012 ACT 851.

SANCTIONS • “With immediate effect, the FDA has suspended the registration and advertisement license of Angel Group of Companies whiles investigations into the incident continue”.

• “The company has also been directed to recall the product, ADONKO BITTERS, from trade and to furnish the FDA with details of the recall plan and subsequently, the progress of the recall plan”.

• “The company is to pay an administrative charge of GH¢25000 for failing to comply with the above regulatory requirements”,

Mrs. Chief Executive, per my routine investigations, it is extremely amazing and shocking that after having sanctioned the manufacturers of this ADONKO BITTERS, management of Angel Group Companies have with impunity defied these sanctions as their product (ADONKO BITTERS) is being ADVERTISED, and SOLD on the market. The product have NOT been RECALLED as was ordered. Information gathered indicate that the manufacturers have met with and given ORDERS to their distributors to IGNORE all SANCTIONS of the FDA and continue selling the OUTLAWED PRODUCT (ADONKO BITTERS). Adverts on ADONKO BITTERS are still running on TV, RADIO and PRINT MEDIA.

Mrs. Chief Executive, my investigation further revealed that it is this same Angel Group of Company whose marketing authorization permit was revoked for selling an aphrodisiac called ANGEL NATURAL CAPSULES which contained false SEX enhancing ingredients. It will surprise you that this FORBIDDEN aphrodisiac, ANGEL NATURAL CAPSULES is being sold on the market.

Mrs. Chief Executive, I believe that with your long service in the FOOD and DRUGS AUTHORITY risen from the ranks to your current position, you are much abreast with the dictates of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana which provides the Ghanaian the right to HEALTH and SAFETY. Moreover, UNWHOLESOME FOOD at best will be unpleasant and distasteful but in the worse case it could consequence to HOSPITALIZATION or at worst inevitably DEATH.

Mrs. Chief Executive, It is on this premise that I seek these reliefs;

1. Check whether manufacturers of ADONKO BITTERS are complying with the SANCTIONS imposed on them by the FOOD AND DRUGS AUTHORITY

2. Investigate the content of the product ADONKO BITTERS.

3. Check the Kumasi Regional Office of the FDA if there have been reports of deaths of consumers of ADONKO BITTERS by bereaved families and prosecute them if found to be true to aid the bereaved families to be given befitting compensations.

4. Check the regional office of the FDA in Kumasi if pressure is being mounted on officials who are being promised huge sums of money to maneuver to help relief Angel Group of Companies of the SANCTIONS.

5. Check if the product ANGEL NATURAL CAPSULE is still being sold on the market.

6. Intensify post production sampling and surveillance since in several instances production firms/manufacturers that seek approvals of their consumables often than not produce what I believe is contrary to what have been approved.

7. Prosecute Angel Group of Companies for; • Flouting the SANCTIONS of the FDA • Endangering the LIVES of consumers. To serve as deterrent to manufacturers of alcoholic beverages.

I appreciate the effort and responsiveness with which you are seen to be ready to expedite action on complaints. If you have any further questions or about resolution options please don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or on 0502714206

Kind Regards …………Signed………………..


Bureau of National Investigation Ghana Police Service Customs Exercise and Preventive Services Pharmacy Council Ghana Standards Authority Environmental Protection Agency Narcotics Control Board Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine Plant Research and Regulatory Services Department Food Research Institute Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Food Science Department

University Of Ghana, Food Science Department Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Environmental Health Department

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