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17 May 2017 | Feature Article

Open Letter to Evangelist James Caraway, Victory Outreach International, USA

Open Letter to Evangelist James Caraway, Victory Outreach International, USA

Dear James Caraway:
Thank you for the email you sent to me after you read, I suppose, only one of my many articles published in this column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site. I must say you very much amazed me and brought sadness to my innermost being by what you said in your letter. But then, I am not surprised by your utterances, since you introduced yourself as an evangelist!

For, I know that most people plying your kind of trade would address me in similar manner or even worse than you did in your letter—arrogating upon yourselves a sole right and duty to humanity in order to pompously try to reprimand, castigate, apprehend, judge, condemn and insult my person, without even knowing who I am and how I stand before the Most High One, Yahuwah Elohiym—and thus the reason why I make this letter addressed to you open to all, so your fellows may also be properly educated and cautioned! All this notwithstanding, I take your name-calling of me as a work hazard that people like me must endure in working for Yahuwah Elohiym.

You wrote, in your letter to me, thus: I have never been to Africa, but I have seen the crusades that Reinhard Bonnke has led on the Continent and I see his fruit. I ran across your web site and this nonsense: Let me preface this by saying, I don’t know you personally, but I know your fruit. . . . I am a Christian Evangelist with Victory Outreach International, here in San Antonio, Texas. As I began to read some of your rhetoric, it struck me as odd, that someone who is obviously educated . . . would spend their time sitting in front of a computer promoting fear, doubt and unbelief.

Dear Evangelist Caraway, do you realize that you contradict yourself by these words of yours I quote here? For, if you can admit that I am “someone who is obviously educated”, why do you say that what I put out in my writing is “nonsense” without caring a hoot about the solid evidence I provide concerning the issues I raise in my particular article you read??

You see, you hurt yourself very badly by not listening to this “obviously educated” person, who may be the first (and I pray should not be the last) you would ever hear accusing your favorite apostle, St. Paul, of plagiarizing Greek philosophers in letters he wrote to Christians of his day, and by extension to Christians today, with the sole aim of turning them into ignorant zealots of deception such as you, my dear evangelist Caraway, have become!!

You see, I meant very serious business when I accused your St. Paul of plagiarizing Greek philosophers in letters he wrote to Christians of his day while lying to these same Christians (and subsequently to you and your ilk today) that he spoke to them in words he was given by Yahuwah Elohiym to be spoken to them!

And even though I gave you irrefutable evidence in my article you read—titled, Apostle Paul Caught Plagiarizing Greek Philosophers in His Epistles of the New Testament (of link —about how St. Paul lied in his claims to having received a word from Yahuwah Elohiym, you still would not think over my accusation made against him, but simply dismiss all I say as “nonsense”? Like seriously?? Or you are simply too immature to take spiritual issues seriously or tolerate contrary opinion??

How sad to read your words that “Paul never plagiarized anything”! For, I meant for you to know Paul plagiarized human beings and that the people Paul plagiarized were not holy people according to the reckoning of the scriptures, but were worshippers of Greek deities whose lifestyles, speech and beliefs were based on and dictated by Greek mythology, literature, science and religion!! Your assertion that Paul never plagiarized anything, even in the face of the evidence I provided, left me bewildered and wondering about your level of education and your ability to reason or adduce conclusions logically!

Then, you went further on to say: “I don’t know if you are a Christian, but that matter’s little. What you need is a proper rebuke and stern correction. I am not judging you, but by the Spirit of the Living God this idiocy needs to stop”.

I am sad you expose yourself to open ridicule and shame the entire Earth, and that you draw all the people you claim you are leading in your Victory Outreach International (VOI) to also be smeared with this shame and ridicule of yours, for exposing yourself as their leader and not even being cut for a job of leading sinners to the salvation of Yahuwah Elohiym—for, you deceive yourself by professing to be doing the work of salvation in your self-acclaimed role and status as evangelist by such unholy garbage talk you direct at my person!

You shock me too much by this filth you spew out of your mouth! Does holiness mean anything to you at all?? Are you able to praise Yahuwah Elohiym with such a foul mouth as you have that seems only fit and capable of spewing from it trash??

Let me say to you that I live by and walk in the Towrah; if you know what Towrah means! So then, I can only be judged by the Towrah; and since your life is one of an evangelist—an unholy Greek-based calling or job which is bereft of Towrah wisdom, with what wisdom do you think to judge my teachings?? You see, you are simply incapable of judging me because you are deficient of Towrah-light in your spirit and you also lack Towrah-wisdom, and so, you are right in saying to me that “I am not judging you”, for you can’t even try to do so of me!!

And for you to think yourself qualified and capable of giving me “a proper rebuke and stern correction”, you must be kidding yourself or as we say in Ghanaian parlance “be tickling yourself so you may laugh your heart out”! Are you not being funny in thinking you can correct me, when I am not a member of your organization (VOI) and when your own uninspiring leadership of it means nothing to me? You really must be joking!!

It is therefore no wonder that you do not even know the true and genuine name of the Creator! You refer to Him as “God” when since 1999 the world was made to become aware of the error in calling Him so, and therefore, no serious seeker or teacher of the salvation of the Creator addresses Him as “God”!! Are you so backward that you do not know this, and are thus become irrelevant and unworthy in any mission to get mankind to the salvation of the Most High One?? Do you and your type not call an idol a “god”, and yet are you not bothered one bit in calling the Most High One also as “God”??

Can you teach me what distinction you have between “GOD” “God” and “god”?? If you are able to give me any such distinction, it will be a demonstration of the kind of superior education you may have over mine. For me, I go the way of simple high school logic to know that whether written as “GOD”, “God” or “god” they have one and the same sound! Who then do you expect to respond when the sound GOD/God/god is made? My dear evangelist, let it be it known to you that a word is primarily a sound that is meant to be properly uttered to have the appropriate and desirable effect! Can you get that??

If in your mind you think to ascribe “GOD” or “God” as being the name of the Creator, and then conversely think to also ascribe “god” as the name of the ruler of darkness (cf. Second Corinthians 4:4), do you not demonstrate yourself as being a simpleton just as any of the many simpletons who dabbled with the Ivrit (Hebrew??) word of Elohiym by translating it during man’s historical and ancient past were??

The English Bible you use must be deemed useless if, for all you must know in this twenty-first century, it still teaches you that the name of the Most High One is “God”; for, it is not!! You see, even today’s publishers of your popular King James Version Bible have had to retract some wrong information that was provided in their Old (1611) and New (1982) versions (or are they rather perversions) by expunging the words God, Jesus, Christ and Christians that are found in these versions from their latest “version” titled “The Restored Name King James Version Bible” (RNKJVB, 1999) and have replaced them with Elohim, Yahushua, Messiah and Messianics, respectively!!

And so, this latest “version” of the KJV Bible (RNKJVB) cannot be deemed as a teaching (revelation??) about “God”, “Christ”, “Jesus” and for “Christians” as the previous KJV was thought to do and is deemed to have done till a time not long ago!! And so, this whole gamut on “Christianity”, which incidentally is a word that is never even once mentioned as an article of faith in any Bible ever published, must now be lost on all mankind according to the RNKJVB of 1999, and so all men must seriously work to delete the word “Christianity” from their memory.

And for all, who some time ago were happy addressing themselves as “Christians”, they must now let all people know that they now call themselves, “messianics”, rather than as Christians according to the dictates of the RNKJVB!!

What an uphill task that people like you, evangelist Caraway, must have to work to overcome in order to remove all the cloudiness brought by Christianity into their spirits, in order to allow the true light and truth of the Towrah of the Most High One to come into their psyche as must become of any people who seek His true salvation.

Now, with all this cloudiness over your spiritual eyes, Oh evangelist Caraway, how could you with all the spiritual blindness you obviously portray, be able to say anything else other than the boorish words you say thus:

Quote—“You are in error. Galatians 6: 1-3 “Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. . . . For, if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”

You . . . are self-deceived. Stop being an instrument of Satan . . . Get on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you and then ask him to reveal the truth of God’s word . . . Paul never plagiarized anything! …Your writings are not good works, they are fruitless. . . Revelation 12:10 depicts what happens when you go against God, and do not repent. . . . REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! And be saved. Romans 10:9-10 “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” “For with the heart one believes into righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Please say this Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner. Please forgive me. I believe you are the Son of God. I believe that you died for my sins on the Cross of Calvary. I believe that you rose from the dead, after being in the grave for three days. I accept you now as My Personal Lord and Savior. Amen.”—End of quote.

In all of this long talk above, you again give up yourself as being a very unwise person who is also blind to truth since you do not live by the value and substance of what scripture you quote for me! For, when you say you must “in a spirit of gentleness” show me the way of truth, you display an obvious lack of gentleness in your spirit but only a demonstration of arrogance and an annoying crude pomposity; and thus portray yourself as the hypocrite you really are! I am just sad for you!

You go further to say to yourself, and very truly too, that “if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself”. If you are wise, one little bit, you will see this is all true of your person because while you have only one finger of your hand pointing at me, thinking this verse is for me, you have all four remaining fingers of your hand pointing right back at your good self in confirmation that this verse was meant for your education and correction; it is only sad that you do not have the humility to see yourself being corrected. Do you not see a big log in your eye blinding you to the truth of Yahuwah Elohiym?? How then are you able to see a speck of dust in my eye to take it out for me?? Pathetic evangelist!!

You may say all the nasty things you like about my person but none of the mud you sling at me will stick; and in fact, I pardon you for all the evil things you utter against my person! However, you must ask for the forgiveness of my merciful Av (Father) in Shamayim (Heaven) for your own good!! You need to REPENT of your empty pride and ask for forgiveness from Yahuwah Elohiym! He may hear you!!

I really wonder why all you evangelists I have heard about or known are so infatuated about Romans 10:9-10 and the fake prayer you fabricate (commonly known as the "Sinner's Prayer") and invite me to say in repetition after you in the quote above, as all you know to be the way and means into the salvation of Yahuwah Elohiym??

It is sad to note that it is your wrong belief in these verses of Romans and in the reciting of the Sinner’s Prayer by any people who are taught and led by itinerant and television evangelists, Reinhard Bonnke your own idol being one of them, to do so which is claimed to magically transform and catapult or haul sinners at their open air crusades all over Earth, into the salvation of the Most High One!! And sadly, this manner of catapulting into a so-called salvation is what you, my dear evangelist Caraway suggest to me to be saved by!! What ignorance and an insult to my understanding of the scriptures!!

I suggest you ask yourself if you know of any one person as revealed in the scriptures who gained entry into the salvation of the Most High One by such a weird faith and methodology! And if you cannot find one person according to the scriptures who was saved according to your methodology based on Romans 10:9-10 and the reciting of this stereotyped prayer (after you), why do you think you are yourself saved and can brazenly refer your wrong methodology to me to be saved by it??

I suggest you read my book of title “Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners’ Prayer for Salvation” published in your USA and earn yourself some education on how anyone may be saved, if the narratives of the New Testament are anything to go by, and in order to deliver yourself from spiritual ignorance.

In my book, you will gain a lot of wisdom to forever discern between remission and forgiveness of sin and how that it is only in and by remission (and not forgiveness) of sin that anyone enters the salvation of Yahuwah Elohiym—cf. Acts 2:38-39, KJV—and how that Shimon Kefa on his first assignment to lead people into the salvation of the Most High One never taught forgiveness as you do and urge people to believe in, but rather, remission of sin to bring anyone’s salvation about!

Now, let me tell you a few things about your apostle Paul that will shock you! In his claim to being a son of Avraham and of the tribe of Binyamin even though begotten of a Roman mother, Paul lied big time just as I proved to you in my article under reference; for, no child begotten of a heathen or strange woman to a son of Yisroel, is by right also one who belongs to the tribe of his father or nation (Yisroel)!

Therefore, for Paul to lay claim to not just being a Hebrew but a Hebrew of Hebrews—cf. Second Corinthians 11:22 and Philippians 3:5—I can only say he lied and was only successful in deceiving people who are ignorant about the Towrah instruction on any illegitimate child begotten of a strange woman to a son of Yisroel! It is sad this lie and deception of St. Paul has stuck with Christians to this day; with many Christians, like you evangelist Caraway, even worshipping the life of this liar!!

Again, when Paul claimed to belong to the sect of Perushim (Pharisees), he obviously lied; for, no grouping of such ultra-zealous Towrah-believers as the Perushim claimed they were, would permit a man who was of illegitimate birth in Yisroel into their membership for fellowship!

Also, because of the fact that Yahuwah Elohiym has never called and sent anyone who was not of good standing, holiness wise, in Yisroel, Paul’s claims about meeting with Yahushua whilst he was about to enter Damascus with the evil intent to kill holy people, together with his stain of illegitimacy to being a son of and in Yisroel, MUST be false! And this falsehood is become obvious by the record of Acts 26:14-15, where Paul lied that, while the voice that spoke to him did so in Ivrit (Hebrew??), the owner of the voice in the same breath gave him (Paul) his name as JESUS (an English name)!!

Paul in his youthful days was schooled under Greek philosophers in their schools where he could enroll without resistance! I am very certain Paul never had any admission into any yeshiva (bible school??) in Yisroel to be under the tutelage of one Gamali’El, a Towrah teacher, as he claimed since he could never meet the Towrah requirement of being a true and legitimate son of Yisroel in order to be qualified for enrollment!

Greek philosophers who tutored Paul in a school called “Asklepius” located in Agae, Greece, were themselves tutored under Pythagorean philosophers. Now, be it made known that Pythagoras was himself tutored by Plato; and hence, Paul’s great infatuation with the philosophies of Plato!

Dear evangelist Caraway, as you MUST know, the basis of freemasonry is Pythagorean! So then, it is not strange that Paul was, by his allusion to being a “masterbuilder” in First Corinthians 3:10 (KJV), revealing his spiritual roots of Greek origin and his affiliation to freemasonry!

The abiding spirit(s) of Greek mythology, religion, philosophy, literature and culture in apostle Paul were later to so vividly manifest in him as to have the Greek deity Mercurius manifest in him and thus was deemed by Greeks who witnessed this manifestation of deity in Paul as being worthy of worship and the offering of animal sacrifices—cf. Acts 14:11-12, KJV!

My dear evangelist Caraway, in all of the foregoing, I still would urge you to read my article under reference just one more time in order to understand and appreciate why I write these articles, at all, and under whose mandate and unction I do so!

And when you do find out, please leave me alone to do my work for my Av in Shamayim, since you have neither part nor lot in this task laid upon my shoulders! Shalawam!!

cc: James Caraway
PS: Should readers of this letter and any of my articles published in this column have serious questions or suggestions, they may contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, You may also want to purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners' Prayer for Salvation—via the same web address so, together, we walk the narrow way to the presence of Elohiym. Shalawam!

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