09.05.2005 General News

Let's have collective security system - Russia

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Accra, May 9, GNA - Mr Valery Orlov, Russian Ambassador to Ghana, on Monday emphasized the need for an effective collective security system in the fight against international threats to ward off dangers to the world's common future.

He said international terrorism posed a great danger to the world and could only be dealt with effectively through a reliable legal and organizational system.

"The mission of the entire world community today is to ensure that terrorism meets with due resistance and to free the world from this scourge," the Ambassador said.

Mr Orlov was speaking at a reception to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory over fascism, which falls on May 9.

The Great Patriotic War, fought between Russia and Germany, was the bloodiest phase of World War II and lasted nearly four years from 1941-1945, causing more than 27 million deaths. Mr Orlov described fascism as a manifestation of extreme political and national radicalism, saying that claims to dominate one another were and still remained a major cause of wars in the world. He said Russia would continue to support the principles of equality and mutual respect, trust and cooperation.

"Only on this basis can we resolve the global problems we face, the challenges confronting the entire international community," Orlov said. Last month, the Russian Embassy opened a photo exhibition devoted to the memory of veterans and victims of the war. The exhibition dubbed "People Who Won the War" was organized as part of the celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazism.

Photographs of the war dug from the archives of the Soviet Information Bureau showed pictures of the High Command of the Red Army, heroes of the Soviet Union as well as posters of the Great Patriotic war and awards of the Great Patriotic war.

The photographs for the exhibition, which lasted until the end of April, would be presented to the Library of the University of Ghana, Legon.

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