08.05.2005 General News

Action Of Street Hawkers Provocative — President

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THE President, Mr John Agyekum Kufuor, has described the action of the street hawkers who have returned to the streets as mischievous and provocative.

He said despite the fact that the government was endeavouring to resettle them, they had decided to take the law into their own hands by returning to the streets.

The President, who was addressing the 38th Cadets Officers graduation at the Police College in Accra yesterday, stated in no uncertain terms that the government would not change course in bringing sanity and improved sanitation to the towns and cities.

He said the hawkers could not claim to misunderstand the government in its appeal to the assemblies to undertake the very legitimate and long overdue decongestion exercise but with a human face.

President Kufuor said it was unfortunate that while the government was studying the global trend in an effort to contain its harsh effects on the nation's economy, some elements within the society had set themselves up with doubtful motives to try and cause general disaffection in the country.

The President said during the past four years, the government had not shied away from tough but unavoidable measures, even at the risk of its own popularity, to preserve law and order, stabilise the national economy and promote investments, with the ultimate aim of creating wealth, reducing poverty and improving the general welfare of the people.

“Already the effects of these policies are showing in the steady improvement in the economy, as well as social infrastructure and services”, he said.

President Kufuor said the expectation was that since no nation ever progressed or achieved great feats without being disciplined or without taking hard decisions, and implementing tough policies, particularly at crucial periods in its history, he was hopeful that the police would back the government and society firmly through the current difficult times.

He said the heavy investment which the government had made in the Ghana Police Service was yielding the expected results.

The President said the police had not only succeeded in generally keeping law and order in the country, but were also winning the confidence of many of the communities.

He told the graduands that they were joining the service at a particularly auspicious moment, noting that “resources for work and opportunities for training and advancement have never been better”.

“The current political dispensation assures these new officers of a fairer work environment where career progression is based on merit. Any focused and disciplined cadet officer can, therefore, work hard to realise his or her full potential to rise to the highest levels within the Police Service”, he said.

According to the President, the public expected responsible and accountable service from its public officials, including policemen and women and urged them to respond professionally to their legitimate expectations.

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