08.05.2005 Regional News

Uncle Threatens to Kill Nephew

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Superstitious beliefs in river and other gods has gained currency amonst many Ghanaians with an uncle now threatening to kill his nephew over the death of the former's son who is said to have stolen cash amount and some expensive jewelery.

Residents of Adukrom in the Kumasi metropolis were shock to hear that Alhaji Nuhu Mahama is on the heels of his nephew Mustapha Abdul Aziz whom he has swore to kill through the use of the fetish.

Reports has it that sometime in January this year an amount of five million cedis and valuable jewelry belonging to Alhaji Abdul Aziz father of Mustapha was stolen and this brought about a lot of tension in the family.

When a few weeks later an amount of 4.5 milloin cedis was found with Kofi Mahama {unemployed}son of Alhaji Mahama the whole family suspected him of having taken the lost items.He vehemently denied this.

Typical of many Ghanaians however the family sort the intervention of a river god to reveal the true identity of the thief.Two weeks after visiting the fetish, Kofi Mahama died mysteriously.

This has greatly angered his father who now blames Mustapha for the shame his son has brought on him and he has also swore to take away the life of Mustapha in revenge

Mustapha who will be twenty-eight [28] years in September had his middle education in the early 1990s and was forced to start profession as a barber to earn a living.

His close friends talk of how he has his business booming due to his exceptional skills as a barber and has amonst his numerous customers some of the suburbs respectables.

Due to the spiritual aspect of the saga it has become difficult for the police to take any action on the matter.For fear of his precious life Mustapha is now in hiding to save himself.

The rest of the family are very worried and are waiting for some kind of intervention from somewhere.

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