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Saving the *** of GTB and MOTMCC

By Consumer Alert, Ghana
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Saving the *** of GTB and MOTMCC: Bravo Ghana Tours Ltd!

When the extinct Ghana Travel Ltd bought herself a Ghana ATOL licence with impunity (of course in cahoots with the GTB & MOTMCC), without bothering to satisfy the mandatory requirement of an Insurance Bond, and disappeared with their computers in order to conceal their overtrading of Air Travel Tickets (against the rules of ATOL, UK) while misleading passengers in Ghana by sticking an ATOL Protected logo in their window at Osu-Ghana, when the protection being marketed applied only to those that bought their tickets in the UK, the GTB & MOTMCC needed the fire service but this time dialled a non-emergency number…that of Ghana Tours Ltd/Britannia! The arithmetic is more confusing than ever.

When the MOTMCC comes to you on their knees for a rescue mission, with empty pockets, your last guess should reliably not be some Insurance Bond that never was! Britannia/Ghana Tours Ltd executed the mission of lifting stranded passengers for free! Yes, for FREE! No formal payment terms and method were agreed upon before the rescue mission.

Ghana Tours Ltd has now done away with Britannia as the latter foresaw the future potential of the Ghana travel market. Ghana Tours Ltd has now engaged Astraeus, a carrier that has been operating scheduled flights to Sierra Leone for some time now. While retaining their ATOL licence for charter flights operations, Ghana Tours Ltd intends operating regular scheduled flights from London.

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