05.05.2005 Gossips

Shame to Prez Kufuor's SHC Ltd

By A. B. Yawah
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Hello please do publish to expose the NPP government.

The State Housing Company Ltd in the news again as Prez Kufuor's childhood friend and MD of SHC Ltd refuses to paid those who do not drink "tea" with him.

However he is paying his friend who supplies laterite,( am not sure of the spelling) every two weeks for after supply whilst alot of contractors money, which they would not pay interest on anyway, "sit there unpaid".

He does not respect anybody at all. He keeps tossing other contractors. Some of the excuses are, "we have not been paid."

Please do investigate this and you will find out that it is true. I have a friend who is a contractor and for over 12 months since he completed his contract had still not been paid.

Aba! What sort of politics have we being ushered in!

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