06.05.2005 General News

Daily Graphic Lied -Bede Ziedeng

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...NDC Does Not Support Decongestion Exercise The acting General Secretary of the NDC has complained to the editor of the Daily Graphic of a story in Thursday's publication, which suggested that the party supports the decongestion exercise being undertaken by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

In a letter to the editor, Bede Ziedeng described the story as misleading and the publication as propagandist and insisted that the NDC does not support the haphazard and unplanned manner in which the AMA has handled the exercise.

“ NDC as a political party has not commented on the decongestion exercise yet. My views were sought as to what I think about the decongestion exercise and I said, in principle I am not opposed to the decongestion exercise,” he says.

Mr. Ziedeng says the NPP government started the whole decongestion exercise and it has now gotten itself into controversy because the way the exercise was conducted was not the best.

“ If you are going to conduct a decongestion exercise, it must be done in such a way that it carries a human face,” he says.

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