04.05.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: NPP and the Honeymoon

By Accra Mail
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It was a long honeymoon: four years. From December 2000 to December 2004, the NPP was riding high. It still is - in a sense - because the majority of Ghanaians want the party to succeed.

Just like any party, the NPP has its core voters who will stick with the party in every election, but there are many people who are not core supporters, but people who would rather go along with the NPP than see anything with ex-Flt. Lt. Rawlings coming to power.

The first quarter of 2005 is seeing an interesting development in Ghana's post independence politics. The core members of the ruling party, as well those who do not want the ex-Flt. Lt. to come to power are saying to the ruling party in clear unambiguous tones that the honeymoon is over!

But how is the NPP taking it? From the look of thinks, it seems the party was expecting a perpetual honeymoon. No, such things do not last forever.

When the honeymoon ends and real life begins, that's when successes are chalked or well, we throw our hands up and concede failure. The NPP has some time - not much - to make a success out of the loss of the honeymoon period!

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