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02.05.2005 Gossips

GIA things that make you go Hmmmmm

By Alexandra in USA
GIA things that make you go Hmmmmm
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In the press releases by both the Ministry and World Transport Group on September 7th, 2004, Sentry Financial International, Inc was indicated as a consortium partner that comprises Ghana International Airline (GIA).

On December 27, 2004, the corporation was renewed and updated and listed itself for the purpose of a NAICS Code and Title: 5321-Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing corporation. But later in the newly formed special vehicle GIA-USA, LLC it states it is owned by several companies including: - World Transport Group, Inc., a St. George, Utah based aviation consulting company (the president of which is J. Ralph Atkin, the founder of SkyWest Airlines, Inc.); and - Sentry Investments, LLC, a Salt Lake City, Utah based investment company (which is an affiliate of Sentry Financial Corporation).

What happened to the original consortium partner Sentry Financial International, Inc. ?

So, who and what is Sentry Investments, LLC? It is a corporation which is the manager and a member of Sentry Financial Corporation.

But the newly formed special vehicle GIA-USA, LLC which is owned by the consortium which was comprised of Sentry Investments, LLC and managed by Sentry Financial Capital Corporation and does not mention the initially named consortium partner Sentry Financial International, Inc. SFI, Inc is not named as a principal nor management entity either.

Not to confuse you more please note that Sentry Financial Capital Corporation is not the same as Sentry Financial Corporation, nor Sentry Financial International, Inc.!!!! So the next question is why is this other company Sentry Investments, LLC. named instead of the initial Sentry Financial International, Inc.?

In a business article dated September 8, 2004, which quotes "Kirk Heaton, Sentry's executive vice president (the name behind every Sentry corporation as registered agent as well) . "World Transport Group will handle the operations aspects of this, and Sentry Financial is to raise the money to get the new airline off the ground. Sentry Financial? Which corporation is he referring to? Sentry Financial Capital, Corporation or Sentry Financial Corporation, or Sentry Financial International, Inc.!!!!

If it is Sentry Financial Corporation, they specializes in providing equipment financing to Fortune 2000, middle market and smaller established companies (keywords middle market and smaller establishments) and is registered for the business purpose of NAICS Code and Title 5222-Nondepository Credit Intermediation or is it is Sentry Financial Capital, Corporation recently renewed itself as of January 27, 2005 also as a registered corporation to do business for the purpose of a NAICS Code and Title: 5321-Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing corporation or is it Sentry Financial International, Inc. recently renewed itself March 8, 2005 to do business in an NAICS Code and Title: 9999- Nonclassifiable Establishment.

World Transport Group, Inc., also part of the consortium partners, this corporation is registered with principals owners J. Ralph Atkin and Gary Whipple. Yet please feel free to visit their website which states the principals are only J. Ralph Atkin and Albert Vitale. Who is Gary Whipple? There are two Gary Whipples in the state directory of Utah. This Gary Whipple and a Dr. Gary Whipple whom works with Intermountain Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. Which by coincidence Dr. Richard Anane visited Intermountain Hospital in the United States, coordinated by the Harvest Africa Childrens Foundation back in April 2000. Are these Whipples related, perhaps father and son? FACT GIA/SENTRY: Every time they push forward they present another company that has a similar name. As for Sentry, they have twelve registered corporations under Mr. Kirk Heaton as registered agent: SENTRY CAPITAL CO., LLC SENTRY CAPITAL CORPORATION OF UTAH SENTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION SENTRY ELITE INVESTMENTS, LLC SENTRY FINANCIAL CAPITAL CORPORATION SENTRY FINANCIAL CORPORATION SENTRY FINANCIAL INTERNATIONAL, INC. SENTRY INVESTMENTS, LLC SENTRY LEASE EQUITY POOL 2000-I, LLC SENTRY LEASE INVESTMENTS, LLC SENTRY MINDQUEST, LLC SENTRY SPC-2, LLC

This is the link which will take you to the press release directly on the Minister of Roads and Transport website. is copied exactly as it is on the site, but I underline the last paragraph for two reasons. The first, the Ministry clearly revised and deleted the part that stated that the GIA consortium included Ghanian businessmen!!!

Please see the following copied press release statement directly from the World Transport website which is basically the same but includes the Ghanaian businessmen. Second, you will read that the initial company named is that of Sentry Financial International, Inc.

Who are the Ghanaian businessmen????? HUMMMMMM Maybe Mr. Atkin could answer that because he did post it on his WTG website!! Or will he pull a Clinton and say "I do not recall".

Maybe Anane and Atkin are cut from the same cloth.

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