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17 April 2017 | Press Release

Cenprog Rates As 33% The 100 Days Of He Akuffo Addo's Governance


The Center for Progressive Governance (CenProG), having followed closely events surrounding the 100 Days old Presidency of His Excellency Akuffo Addo and its effect on Ghanaians, has done an assessment based on the following areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Economy
  3. Policies/Programmes
  4. Security

The performance of the government was rated between 0% - 25% for each of the aforementioned areas and the final rating deduced from the total sum of the ratings. The rating, therefore, is as follows:

CenProG rates the Akuffo Addo Government 10 out of 25 in this area.

Reasons: The Akuffo Addo Government was swift in the appointment of Ministers and their deputies which is a plus. However, the number of ministers/deputies has been a major concern for most Ghanaians though the introduction of certain ministries is in the right direction. The inability of the President to form a cabinet is also a major concern for many Ghanaians. Moreover, the President's inability to name Municipal/District Chief Executives close to 3 months after sacking all MMDCEs shows a sign of weakness in being able to take bold decisions. The manner in which the Government has handled some appointments/disappointments has not augured well for the President. The delay in the release of the District Assemblies Common Fund has also been a cause of worry for most District Assemblies.

In light of the above and several others not enumerated for lack of space, the rating of 10 is JUSTIFIED.

CenProG rates the Akuffo Addo Government 8 out of 25 in this area.

Reasons: The NPP in opposition enjoyed a lot of goodwill due to the economy and duly proposed a lot of reforms when elected. 100 days after their election, eventhough some key economic indicators are looking good, prices of goods and services keeps on increasing by the day. The effects of the taxes abolished in the 2017 budget are not being felt as lights bills are still higher than rent. It is a fact that Prices of cement which hitherto were falling are now rising and this is a concern for middle class workers aiming to own homes. The government's goodwill is fast eroding due to the current economic situation of most Ghanaians.

The prospects look good but for the first 100 days, a rating of 8 is JUSTIFIED.

CenProG rates the Akuffo Addo Government 10 out of 25 in this area.

Reasons: The NPP had a number of flagship programmes and policy initiatives as part of its manifesto and campaign promises. Upon assumption of office however, except for the 'Planting for Food and Jobs' programme whose funding had been secured by the erstwhile government, all others remain mere campaign talk. Even after the 2017 budget, there seems to be a lot of doubt as to the direction and funding for the programmes and policies promised by HE Akuffo Addo. Limiting ourselves therefore to the first 100 days, the rating of 10 is JUSTIFIED.

CenProG rates the Akuffo Addo Government 5 out of 25 in this area.

Reasons: Having appointed a lot of people to varied portfolios with regards to security, it is quite shocking that the rate of insecurity in the country has reached alarming proportions. As it stands, people have been chased out of their lawful offices with security agencies looking on whiles the officers with the security services themselves have been victims. A minister has openly endorsed the brutalization of a media personnel by armed men. We have also experienced our very first MASS court break. Security seems to be a major albatross on the neck of the NPP government in their first 100 days in office and so a rating of 5 is JUSTIFIED.

CenProG having totaled the various ratings, therefore, rates the first 100 days of the Akuffo Addo Government as 33 out of a possible 100 and wish that the Government puts its house in order in order to restore the goodwill of the Ghanaian people.

There is a seeming mistrust between Ghanaians and the three arms of Government and it behooves on the President as the Leader of the Nation with an overwhelming majority in Parliament to take the necessary steps to regain the TRUST of the good people of Ghana.

God Bless our homeland Ghana and make it GREAT and STRONG.

Sawadogo Mahmoud
Executive Secretary, CenProG
Mallam Yahya Mohammed
Executive Director, CenProG