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Apr 17, 2017 | Public Messages

Easter Message From All Teachers Alliance Ghana (atag) To All Teachers

By All Teachers
Easter Message From All Teachers Alliance Ghana (atag) To All Teachers

We bring you warm greetings from the high office of ATAG.

ATAG appreciate the hard work of all teachers in Ghana. Your selfless attitude towards your profession is legendary even in the midst of mixed standard of living.

ATAG wish all teachers in Ghana a *Happy Easter*.
The year 2017 comes with the unrectified challenges for over a period of more than four years. These problems that never seem to go away betray the hypocrisy of successive governments as far as education is concerned.

Some of these issues have been tabled before the new government and we hope that it will be dealt with in a manner that reflect the change this government was calling for. Even if all our outstanding problems are solved by this government the reality still remain that we will continue to run a deficit budget in our personal economies. As teachers we are confronted by the problem of spending more than our income.

The problem has been made worse by the fact that many teachers sources of income is limited by only the salary from Government.

This is the weightier matter ATAG was formed to deal with. Any other matter is a minor issue. This path is a hard path we have chosen. ATAG leaders will work to assist teachers to create multiple streams of income.

Our major vision is that in *the next five years no teacher who takes advantage of the initiatives of ATAG will go for a loan to consume*. Loans for consumption are loans for paying fees for ourselves and other dependants, rent, organise funerals, weddings, hospital bills, utility bills and the list is endless. We take these loans grudgingly and without glee.

We wish we don't take these
loans that cripple us financially. There are teachers who receive nothing from their salaries a result of loans and many survive on overdraft. The kind of houses we want to build, the quality of life we want to live, satisfying the needs of our dependants and other things that makes life meaningful will *NEVER* come from any government.

ATAG has become a rallying
ground where teachers are gathering to ask questions and give solutions to our problems.

Remember that the solution will not come from Government. It will come from ourselves. Teachers are *enterprising and hardworking* group of people. There are teachers who have established businesses.

These businesses are profitable but the profits are small. ATAG is here to give you financial education to boost your returns.

As our popular adage says *true empowerment must revolve on the wheels of principles of financial freedom* and ATAG will make it happen with the help of God and selfless leadership.

Once again we wish you happy Easter.
God bless us all.
Isaac Ofori
*0249403277/0509639374/ [email protected] *

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