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17 April 2017 | Letters

Open Letter To Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed (representing Niger South Senatorial District)

Usman Mohammed

The distinguished senator, I humbly address you as such out of the respect I have for the office you occupy, not you as a person because of the fact that you have failed us woefully. This courtesy is for the office you occupy, to address and treat you with respect, since I and thousand others campaigned and voted for you. As a matter of truth, we will not deny the fact that we are partly responsible for your abysmal representation of us at the upper (red) chamber of National Assembly, so we are equally guilty of your incompetence.

Ninety percent (90%) of the people you supposedly represent in the Senate never had an inkling of who you really are, they didn't know you despite the fact I know and have witnessed your incompetence, we still voted you in 2015 simply because you preached change. We gave you the benefit of doubt, believing that you will follow the footstep of PMB, a man of impeccable integrity.

With all due respect sir, despite your inexperience as a first time senator in the red chamber, your score card so far is F9. It means, you have failed woefully in every aspect of representation as a senator and that's me being honest with you because I want you to succeed as a young lad who always wishes people nothing but success.

Now let me intimate you more on the things that make a good senator.

The primary reason why you were elected to the Senate is to represent us and help make laws that will be favourable to the people, to take our plights and present them at the national level, make and pass bills that will ease life for your people. Constituency project to me is only a secondary duty, if it's legal. We are made to understand that the monetary allocation is a norm given to each senator every year, and you have nothing to show for it in the entire Niger South.

My senator, you are disconnected from the people you are supposed to be connected to. You didn't even try to connect with them hence your actions so far is unacceptable. It is a glaring fact that your victory at the polls was handed to you on a platter of silver all thanks to the APC ship, and, the integrity, acceptance, tsunami and hurricane of President Buhari.

The controversial 8th Senate leadership, which I know you are strongly behind their activities have proven to be anti-people through their actions thus far, and, almost 90% of the good and law-abiding people of Niger South are not happy with most of the actions of the Senate. For instance, on the issue of Magu, our position is for him to be confirmed as the EFCC Chairman. In this regards therefore, I wish to remind you that any decision you take on the floor of upper chamber (senate) without seeking our position is illegal! The fact is, the good and law-abiding people of Niger South, myself in particular, did not vote you to go and #standwith anyone in the Senate. We voted you to go and represent us and fight for our right no matter what happens.

We voted you to change the status quo of the Senate, to help in shaping the future of our country, to introduce a new positive era in our national life, to help President Muhammadu Buhari in fulfilling his campaign promises and equally checkmate his excesses. It is not our wish that you get involved in the struggle to empower the corrupt elite(s). We don't, and certainly will not, appreciate your help in blocking bills that will set the stage for the masses to enjoy the dividends of change promised by this administration.

Sir, don't also forget that you are answerable to us, not us to you. You are there as a representative of our collective voice and you are obligated to speak our minds.

Your Excellency, it may interest you to know that the electorates are now enlightened on how to recall a senator, we can do it before you know, don't push us into starting the process. Gone are the days that ignorance negates our contributions to the affairs of state. As a senator, you are supposed to consult with your constituents from time to time to know where they stand on things bothering them as a senatorial district and the nation as a whole.

Most of the people in your senatorial district are regretting their decisions of voting you into the highest chamber. My question is, if those on social media are oblivious of your activities, what about those in rural areas and thousands who are not current on electronic media to even monitor your activities?.

Some will argue that politics is local but even most of the locals I have asked about you off social media pose serious ignorance about your activities. I don't really know what kind of a senator you are, believe me. If, however, you do know your job, I challenge you to exhibit it rather than being Saraki's boy.

Distinguished Senator, i hope you don't find my words too harsh for writing does reveal the innate feelings. As an optimist, i believe it's not too late to correct your mistakes to salvage the situation and turn a new leaf. It shouldn't even be because you will most likely seek re-election or contest for another position, it should be about you being fair to your people and to the Almighty Allah who created heaven and earth.

Consult with your people, hold town hall meetings every two months in different towns, get close to your people, hear them, ask questions, get answers, don't represent us only from Abuja. As I conclude, distinguished Senator, the people around you are not telling you things you need to know on how best to represent your people and as such, get the people who care to help you clinch prosperity, turn poverty to riches, turn hopelessness to hope, joblessness to jobs and homelessness to homes. Remember that you are not only accountable to us alone but also to your God on that inevitable day of accountability. Thanks immeasurably as I await your prompt response in terms of project executions. A wise saying submits that; actions speak louder than voices. Thanks for your time.

By Usman Mohammed.
Chenche Lapai.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Usman Mohammed and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."