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The Pain In Alienation

The Pain In Alienation
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Man is born to be dependent. Man is not born to live alone. Even in prison confinement, the prisoner bears his pain of being separated from his family because he has a new family in prison. Even prisoners wouldn't want to be alone whilst in prison.

In prison, prisoners dread being separated from the group as punishment.

How come that people out of their own will would embark on a mission that would alienate them from the people they love for a long period of their lives just to have some material possession!

I am moved to write this piece because of a Facebook post about how some migrants from Africa to Europe fall prey to some modern slave trade in some part of Libya.

I am unable to say for certain whether this post reports a fact of such incidence occurring ; but stories abound about the hazards that young men and women out of their own will endure to make it to the western world.

I have always wondered why anybody would risk everything in his life to embark on a near death journey to Europe just to have the everyday material possessions.

It is not as if they bring anything much more than their ability to have a car or build a house here after many years of all the toils they wouldn't submit themselves to whilst here.

In spite of the hazards they put themselves to to make it outside, many are never able to have enough to relocate back home to start a life here. Some who decide to relocate here are unable to start anything economically meaningful after they have returned. It is always difficult for them to start all over here in spite of all they might have accumulated after their long stay abroad.

In reality, what these 'beentos' have acquired whilst away, cannot make up for what they might have lost whilst pursuing this venture.And no amount of wealth can restore the lost to them.

First, it is the pain of being alone in a strange environment for most part of ones life. Many of us do not see the dread in this kind of life. As I said earlier man is not born to be alone. The essence of life is to feel belong to a people you would call your own.

Secondly, there are many who are unable to experience a martial or family life as they would desire for their life. Many lose the touch of their close family for the rest of their life. Many who are married before going away are unable to experience the thrills in making and raising a family.

There are situations where people leave their partners with babies and only come back after their children have completed universities.

They have forever lost everything about family life. Apart, from losing the pleasure of relishing ones youthful partner to ageing, one would also lose the excitement in watching ones children grow into adulthood.

No amount of wealth brought back home can restore this experience to you.

Wealth cannot offer us everything. It is for this reason, that I think it shouldn't be pursued at all cost.

People should travel; at least to expose one to the different peoples and their ways on our planet. People could plan to take pleasure trips to see other worlds. People might also travel ,maybe, to acquire some knowledge somewhere. We need to tap into the knowledge of others.

But as to pursue a desperate journey to live in an unknown world; denying oneself every other human needs just for some material possession is most unfortunate.

I sincerely believe people could make it here if they apply the kind of efforts they put to duties whilst far away. These people are ready to do any job in turns to make it whilst away.

If what we desire for ourselves is just a car and a house, people can work so hard here to have these. There are still opportunities here to make it . Not only in the cities; but even more in the rural areas.

People are making it here; right here.
The savings that people put to embarking on these adventurous journeys could serve as a seed capital for huge future business empires

Many business empires have started small. Ask Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng how he started UT BANK.

All the savings we have been making throughout the years just to as we say here 'blow' at Easter Kwawu could serve as business capital for us.

It should not happen that you are unable to be present at any of your beloved burial rites just because you could not afford a ticket to come back home. Yet, you have been away so long in a strange land 'looking' for money.


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