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05.04.2017 Feature Article

Atta Mills’ Coroner’s Confessions…

Late President John Mills
LISTEN APR 5, 2017
Late President John Mills

My conviction for a change of government for the last election was premised on a number of issues; first the Woyome money, I needed that money badly. Second the Montie 3 scandal; I just could not believe that we allowed such a scar on our conscience. Third, I just could no longer take in the levels of deceit and the advertising of arrogance of power by toddlers whose previous work experience had been nothing.

The death of Professor Mills was never one of the reasons that determined my vote, although I thought that his brother, Cadman Mills, was lying when he said that the family was satisfied with how their brother was handled, and that they did not need an inquest.

Dr. Cadman Mills, in my view, only allowed himself to be used for political expediency. I was so sad that a blood brother could allow his desire for political favors to influence his respect for his own heir in that manner. It was so obvious that he was on a mission to make sure that he stayed in the good books of the former President, John Mahama, for whatever reasons, and I think that, Cadman, you betrayed your late brother’s legacy.

It is shocking how we selectively apply our laws for some sections of the citizenry. I am a layman, but the least I know is that Ghana still has in her statutes the Coroner’s Act 1960, that obliges medical doctors to perform a Coroner’s Inquest to ascertain the cause of death of any person who dies suddenly.

In 2014 I lost my junior step-brother, Kweku Annan, at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. He had been a patient in that hospital for six years, visiting nearly every single month. The doctors told me about his impending death two months before he died, and two days before he died he was on admission, at the same Korle Bu Hospital where he had been visiting for over six years.

Yet when Kweku died the Doctors insisted that an inquest should be done before his body was released to us. According to the doctors, although he had been a patient at the hospital, he had, on the day he died, not been on admission for more than 72 hours, and therefore the law required that we allowed a Pathologist to perform the autopsy or whatever they call it.

In 2015 a retired consultant of mine was hit with a tragedy. Two of his grandchildren got drown in a manhole right behind the Winneba Government Hospital. The bodies were retrieved by the police, and we all, obviously, knew what killed the children. Yet the Ghana Police Service insisted that the two bodies should be sent to Korle Bu in Accra for a post mortem to be performed on the deceased children, to ascertain the cause of death, in keeping with the Coroner’s Act 1960.

Yet when the sitting President of a nation died suddenly, we did not find it necessary to allow the Coroner to perform an Inquest into his death. President Atta Mill’s death should rather have attracted swifter, and a more sophisticated investigations, beyond just an inquest, to ascertain not only the cause of death, but also the circumstances of death, to demonstrate our respect for our presidency.

What did we do? We hurriedly bundled him into the coffin, and we invited the Chinese to dig multiple graves, and we buried him, like we would for a street lunatic, thereafter we proceeded to use his death to campaign for votes, and to attract sympathy.

Your Excellency, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, you did not do well koraaa oo. Professor Mills took a decision, to make you his Vice-President, and that subsequently made you the President of Ghana. He became an enemy to so many of his close associates, for that decision he took to make you his running mate. Could you have given Atta Mills a better treatment, a better handling than you did? How was the journey like, between the Castle and the 37 Military Hospital? Your Excellency, did you really betray Professor Mills? Could the death of President Atta Mills have become one of your political achievements?

And painfully, after we were done with him, we showed no respect for his memory, we only used his family to cover up our shame, God is the one punishing us today; his own brother Cadman Mills and all those who claimed to have seen Mills in their dreams, of being in heaven, you know how far your conscience is agitating for your confession, do it now, or you will choke on your breath!

You see, I am not a superstitious person. I don’t believe in so many things. For instance I don’t believe in any of the miracles that are being advertised on our radios and televisions, I don’t believe in any of those organized miracles. But I believe that miracles do happen, naturally, and in God’s own design, not induced by any human. The kinds of miracles that I believe in includes payback time for everything we do, whether good or bad.

In our traditional setting, there are some groups of individuals that our parents handle spiritually and carefully; they include Enyinda (the unexpected child), Antobam (the child whose father dies before he/she is born), Begyina (the child who survives after several previous children have not survived), Badu (the tenth born child), most importantly those who come after the tenth borns, such as the 12th born, 13th born, Ntafo (twins regardless of their sequence), and Apepa yiem (last born if they came after the tenth born).

That is why I have always warned people who attack me, those who handle me badly, to be careful. Trust me, I have such a strong believe that though I don’t know what it is, and how it looks like, and I have absolutely no control over it, but I believe strongly that I carry with me a special supernatural defense that has the ability to retaliate when I am treated badly, no matter how long it takes, and I believe in that believe, that nothing, except God, has the ability to tame that defense.

I have no doubt that my place of birth, 12th, has a significance in my life, and carries some divinity, and so if you are embarking on a mission to cause me pain, think twice. At the appropriate time I will go deeper into this subject, but just remember that I am both a 12th born child, a last born child, and a child whose birth came with a woman in tears.

Anyway, so when the NDC was badly handling Professor Atta (twin) Mills, I knew there were going to be consequences for them as a party, and for the individuals who were dishonestly handling him. Trust me, no one who was dishonest about how Atta Mills was handled will escape the wrath of the twin world. Each one of them will have to come out to confess, each one, including Cadman Mills himself, will have to find a way of purging themselves of the evil they have invited onto themselves.

I am sure Allotey Jacobs is aware of this, that is why he has started warning members of the party to keep quiet over revelations made by Dr. Cadman Mills, on how the health of President Atta Mills was badly handled by his handlers at the Presidency.

Mr. Allotey, do you remember when Professor Mills was made to jump at the airport, upon his return from a medical trip to the US, just to show that he was healthy? My brother, you knew he was not fit, and you knew that, but for political expediency, you would have stopped that charade from happening, correct?

But you kept quiet, you kept quiet because you were eating from the sufferings of a dying President, you forgot that he was not only an NDC leader, but also a state property, and a family man. Here we are, the blood of the twin in Professor Mills is asking questions, and you have to answer, Allotey, you have to answer.

Allotey Jacobs, Koku Anyidoho, ex President John Mahama (the ultimate beneficiary of the death of Professor Atta Mills), and all those who knew professor Atta Mills was suffering, all those who shielded the truth from the general public, all those who were supposed to have done something to save Atta Mills, but for some political considerations, kept the man to a deteriorating end, and exploited his health for their personal gains, all those people, don’t say I did not warn you oo. I am only a messenger; the man was a twin, I have said it ooo, yooo...

James Kofi Annan

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