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05.04.2017 General News

Police To Clamp Down On Illegal Siren Users

By Daily Guide
Police To Clamp Down On Illegal Siren Users
LISTEN APR 5, 2017

The Police Service has served notice it will soon arrest all unauthorised horn and siren users in the country.

According to the Police, it is illegal for citizens who are not authorised  to be installing  horns and sirens on their vehicles.

In a statement, the Police said it “has observed with grave concern the unauthorised installation and use of Horns and sirens as regulated by regulation 74 of the Road Traffic regulations of 2012 (LI.2180)”.

The legislative instrument says “A person shall not fit on a motor vehicle a warning appliance other than a type approved by the licensing Authority (DVLA)”.

The LI  allows only: a government vehicle used for official purpose by the Head of State, a Police vehicle, a motor vehicle use by the Fire Service,  a motor vehicle used as ambulance of a hospital or clinic, a recognized government security agencies and a bullion vehicle registered by the Licensing Authority are to be fitted with such instruments.

The statement added,  “It is therefore an offence for any person not within the above listed entities to install or use horns and siren.

It concluded: “The warning goes out to authorised users to desist from abusing the facility as they shall face the law upon arrest.

“The police administration is going to embark on a nationwide exercise to enforce the law. A grace period of one-week, starting today is granted for all the authorised horns to be dismantled before the exercise begins”.


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