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Plot To Assassinate Pratt & Wayo Uncovered

By The Lens
Plot To Assassinate Pratt & Wayo Uncovered
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The Lens Intelligence sources have blown the lid off a plot to assassinate Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. and maverick politician, Chuck Kofi Wayo.

The plot on Mr Pratt's life is said to have been hatched in one of the Ghanaian embassies in a Scandinavian country. The plot was to hire foreign hit-men to come into Ghana to eliminate Mr Pratt in a manner that would make it appear that the death was accidental.

Mr Wayo, on the other hand was to be eliminated in a manner that would suggest that he might have been involved either in gunrunning of drag-dealing. When The Lens contacted Mr Pratt, he indicated that he has also heard of some these things. He was however reluctant to discuss the matter any further, obviously because of implications for his personal security.

Messrs. Pratt and Wayo are two individuals who are fiercely critical of the Kufuor-led NPP government. Both of them have been victims of character assassination attempts that were later traced to officialdom.

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