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No society can develop without formal education - Philanthropist

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Aduamoa-Kwahu (E/R), April 26, GNA - The President of Aduamoa Educational Development Foundation (AEDF), a non-governmental organization based in the United States of America, Mr Charles V. Anim on Tuesday said that no society could develop if its citizens were denied quality formal education.

He noted that the educational capability of a country's human resource was very important since it determined its level of development.

"For Ghana to achieve this kind of development, there is the need to condition the minds of the people, offer them quality knowledge through education to make them well structured to produce quality results," Mr Anim told the Ghana News Agency in an interview after presenting school materials to Aduamoa Presbyterian and Catholic Junior Secondary Schools.

Mr Anim, therefore, reminded parents, who denied their children education, of the harm they were doing to their communities and the nation and appealed to District Assemblies and traditional rulers to bring irresponsible parents to book.

He said the acquisition of education enhanced the usefulness of individuals and members of the communities.

He noted that the contributions of citizens outside the local area towards the educational and social development of the communities should be considered as supplementary to government's efforts. He urged companies and business entities to be alive to their social obligations and make substantial contributions towards the improvement of education.

He noted that while industry would be the largest beneficiaries of the human capital created through investment in education yet they were reluctant to invest in local education because they could not easily or readily reap the profit or the benefits.

The AEDF President said citizens outside the country were willing to contribute to the funding of education and other development in their communities but there should be transparency in the disbursement of such funds.

He said the foundation had taken steps to institute an advisory committee on education to produce a working document on education to guide them to improve the quality of education in Aduamoa.

Mr Anim said the aim of the Foundation was to renovate and rehabilitate schools, supply equipment and to provide incentive packages for teachers as well as financial or material assistance to pupils and students.

He asked all citizens and stakeholders in education to contribute towards the realisation of the aims and objective of the Foundation.

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