25.04.2005 General News

Cape Coast Residents Blame Govt For Water Shortage

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By jfm

Residents of the Cape Coast Municipality are up in arms against the Ghana Water Company for its inability to provide them portable water.

The area has over the years been faced with acute water shortage especially during the dry season. Despite promises by the water company to argument supply with tanker services, residents say the situation has worsened.

Currently, water is being rationed and residents have to walk long distances to fetch water.

Officials of the water company say water production has declined by 35per cent due to the low level of water in the dam.

It's common now to find residents carrying buckets almost every morning in search of water, a situation they find unacceptable.

However, explanations by the Regional Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Kwaku Dovlo, which was published in the Daily Dispatch on Monday say that water supply in the Cape Coast Municipality and its surrounding areas is being rationed due to the low level of water from the Brimsu dam.

The report say the reduction of water level in the dam, which supplies water to the municipality, has generated a lot of radio discussions in Cape Coast as most residents who called to contribute to the subject, blamed the government for it's inaction of bringing the situation to an end after promises made prior to the election period.

Most of the residents say they voted for the government based on the promises it made to the people in the municipality to finding a lasting solution to the water problem.

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