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Mar 29, 2017 | Press Release

Who Appointed Dr. Clifford Braimah As CEO Of GWCL? - Concern Workers of GWCL

By Concern Workers of GWCL

Our attention has been drawn to an appointment letter issued and signed by Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda on 23rd March, instructing the Managing director of GWCL to proceed on leave and also to handover to one Dr. Clifford Braimah as the acting Managing Director of Ghana Water Company Limited.

If a Managing Director of a public institution is proceeding on retirement leave, he hands over to the Second In Commander (Deputy Director).

The illegality and the autocracy of the said appointment/­termination letter is disrespectful to the highest office of the Republic.

We are therefore asking Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda, on whose authority did he issue and sign the so-called appointment letter?

We demand want urgent response from Hon. Kofi Adda because the intelligence we have gathered from the Presidency indicates that No letter of that sort has been issued nor authorized to be issued by Joseph Kofi Adda on behalf of the President nor the Chief of Staff.

The information we have gathered indicates that Joseph Kofi Adda issued the appointment letter to his confidant ahead of the President's appointment.

One will ask, what will cause a minister to issue an appointment letter to his confidant ahead of the President's appointment?

To spill the bean, the desire by Joseph Kofi Adda (Hon) to appoint his confidant to head Ghana Water Company Limited is a calculated attempt to cover the rots of the past administration under the watch of Mr. Billigo.

The downward progress of GWCL and the rampant corruption characterized the company especially, under the immediate past administration was due to the chocked of the hierarchy by political and tribal confidants.

As the new government took over, we were expecting to see changes which will bring to a halt, the rampant corruption and other evil practices at GWCL.

However, for whatever reason, Hon. Kofi Adda does not want the good changes to occur.

If not so, how could he have rushed to issue an appointment letter to someone as Managing Director without the knowledge of the Presidency? Kofi Adda's appointment of Dr. Clifford Braimah as MD of GWCL is a tribal satisfaction rather than national one.

Consider the composition of the hierarchy of GWCL and you will appreciate why the company is sinking in corruption.

The previous administration has Mr. Billigo (Northerner) as the Board Chairman, Mr. Paryour (Northerner) as chief manager - Estate.

Mr. Sulley (Northerner) as Chief Quantity Surveyor. This man's retirement age is due but Kofi Adda, for whatever reason, has extended his service by one (1) year.

Deputy MD in charge of Finance and Administration - Mr. Reni (Northerner) Deputy MD (Operations and Maintenance), Mr. Bulley also a Northerner. This man has had his service extended for 2 years by Hon. Kofi Adda. Now, we have Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda (Northerner) as the sector minister and he has appointed Dr. Clifford Braimah (Northerner) as Managing Director.

If the hierarchy of a State Agency is tribally packed, how could corruption be expunged from the agency?

We are asking this question because rotting begins from the topmost hierarchy before it trickles down.

Also, considering the administrative and technical challenges facing GWCL, it needs an expert to device contemporary and urgent measures to safe GWCL.

Dr. Clifford Braimah is a layman to the field.
We are appealing to the Senior Minister Hon. Yaw Osafo Marfo, the Chief of Staff - Hon. Frema Opare and the President to call Joseph Kofi Adda to order and to nullify his illegitimate appointment immediately.

The workers of GWCL will not accept Clifford Braimah as the MD. His appointment is illegitimate. The right thing must be done.

Joseph Kofi Adda is not the President nor Chief of Staff to issue an appointment letter without the knowledge of his superiors.

GWCL deserves better
Penelope Amenyaglo
Concern Workers
Ghana Water Company Limited

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