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Opinion | Mar 24, 2017

A Man, A Leader To Shoulder People's Pain

By Sohail Choudhury

If you walk say 15 miles, you have pain. No doubt more pain in case of longer walk. But if you get a cab, put the pain on cabbie's shoulder, he bears the pain but you pay for comfort. Cabby gets money; you get comfort.

My country Bangladesh's people are crammed with pain. Most of the people are suffering from health, education, housing, joblessness, malnutrition and many other kinds of sufferings. For most, these sufferings and pain is unbearable. But there's no cabby to shoulder people's pain.

You ask people "HOW ARE YOU" (?) In most of the cases the answer will be "Alhamdulillah" or in other words we are happy, for, this is what our Lord wants us to be !!!

Is that so (?) Does the Lord of the universe want the ill-fated ones to be in where & how they are (?!) Look at living condition of most of our people, are they living a life which can be called a "human life"? The Lord of the universe has given us everything here in nature. It is us who need to explore.

Just imagine about the frequency that is used by the Cell companies; its in the nature & was there from time immemorial. Now Cell companies earn billions using this frequency while state earns from tax, for, the sovreignty belongs to the state/country. As we started exploring, economy grew, also creating convenience for people in communicating. Now, a low earning person who drives a RIKSHA in the capital Dhaka doesnt have to wait for a week to send message to his near & dear ones who may live as far as a few hundred kilometers away. Pressing of a button connects him to his family living far away.

A lower income person whether driving/paddling RIKSHA or working in a garment factory doesn't mind paying quite a substantial amount of money from his hard earn income as cell phone charge for it gives them ease/convenience.

Christmas, the biggest celebration for this planet; especially for the people of the Christian faith.

Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was believed to have been born. According to faith, Jesus Christ took all the pains away from people who put trust in him leaving those believers SIN LESS.

Look at the Christian world who believe that Jesus took their "sin" away. Aren't they living a BETTER LIFE than the people whose life is filled with sins (?) A person, who earned people's faith & assured them of a sin-free life is Jesus Christ. He came & left but still lives in people's life nothing less than a living dearest one; if not more !!! People are paying off Jesus' debt in the form of LOVE, for, he doesn't need money.

Can we not learn from the life of Jesus Christ (!?) Some may say--- specially people of other faith--- why should we; he's not ours (!) But, for the sake of our own betterment, may we not expect someone to invoke Jesus & tell people the message of TRUE FREEDOM/LIBERTY (?)

Like Jesus can't there be a TRUE LEADER who wins our TRUST (?) A man who frees us from unbearable pains & sufferings (!)

People of Christian faith trusted Jesus; a truthful & true entity. They are paid off. But, we are ready to put our trust on someone. Do we see that person on the surface (?) Simple answer is a big NO !

The author is the Executive Editor of Weekly Blitz, Bangladesh


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