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24.03.2017 General News

From 48, I now have 5,000 followers in Manasseh trolling - Nana Kwame

By MyJoyOnline
From 48, I now have 5,000 followers in Manasseh trolling - Nana Kwame
LISTEN MAR 24, 2017

An obscure facebooker Nana Kwame says he least expected social media attention when he commented on a post by award-winning JOY FM journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni.

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He explained on Joy FM's Super Morning Show Friday that hours after his post on Wednesday, he found out in church that the sacarstic comment had gathered more than 2,000 likes.

It had taken a life of its own as critics and hardliners against the investigative journalist rallied around Nana Kwame, grateful for what they saw as an opportunity to put the journalist in his place.

For others too, it was an opportunity to join the fun that occasionally seizes space on social media.

From 48 friends, Nana Kwame says he now has 5,000 - the limit of friends possible on facebook. He said the issue is not about who is right but who gets the majority of social media support.

The life span of the frenzied trolling was extended after Manasseh Azure replied Kwame's post in the morning and later got another reply from Kwame in the evening.

The trolling appears to have ebbed after a three-day run on social media.

Speaking on the subject, Manasseh Azure stressed that the trolling he has experienced is all part of the occupational hazards of a journalist.

He explained that his work as an investigative journalist has put people in jail, cost others their jobs and hurt politicians.

It is, therefore, to be expected that the post created a 'me against the world' situation where he became the target of trolls.

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