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22.03.2017 Opinion

Good Bye Kaweesi

By Abbey Semuwemba
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It was 5 days ago today, that one of our most popular Policemen that we've ever had, was shot dead, and assassinated, in broad daylight, reportedly 100m from his house. It was there, in the morning, on March 17th, 2017, that Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, was assassinated, snuffed out at the young age of 43.All the Ugandan people, and everyone who follows everything in Uganda, like I do, was stunned.

I've been told that a lot of civil servants stopped their normal activities on the day, and went back home early. Up to now, some people are still weeping, confused,posting old pictures of the late on facebook, lost their appetite,have difficulty sleeping, and have suffered nausea, nervousness, and sometimes anger.All radio stations, TV and social media are still being dominated by his death, and I guess that comes from the fact that he was the face of the Uganda Police and engaged the media on a regular basis.I'm sure one day someone is gonna act a movie out of his assasination, like Oliver Stone did in 1988 when he directed a movie, starring Eric Borgosian,titled "Talk Radio", based on the true story, the assasination of Alan Berg.

I see now that there's a surge of conspiracy theories emerging around the reasons why he was murdered and who ordered the hit. Lust for power doesn't necessarily mean that bad things are gonna happen to political enemies,but, well, it's not as if such things have never been heard of either. Mussolini had an interesting approach; when someone was giving him too much shit he'd have some of this thugs grab them and pour about a pint of castor oil down their throats so their innards would decompose. It's not very subtle, but an example of eliminating political threats.

As for myself,I didnt know Kaweesi at all. I only used to see him in videos giving a mouth to the opposition for disturbing 'peace' the government brought to Ugandans in 1986. He also once wrote an article in the Newvision on 7th April 2011 criticising the Ugandans At Heart(UAH) forum, and, like i said elsewhere, I dont hold this against him.I dont get involved in flame wars, and wont here, but I do want to make a comment.

I personally despised Uganda Police, and still do. A lot of Muslim leaders have been killed in a supposedly similar fashion,and the police always arrest someone, reports are always made, but nothing really changes. Its like human life is a game to the Police.The assasins, meanwhile, identify their next target, eliminate him or her, give the public a cooling period, and then strike again.Museveni's latest song now is sadly 'CCTV Cameras'. But I will continue to support my country and Mr.Kayihura Kale whom we used to engage on UAH several times, notwithstanding the idiocy that abounds within my nation.

Some assasinations give a nation some hope but some make people feel hopeless and scared, and I think this was one of them that has scared shit out of everyone.At some point we all die, that is a given.The grieving process for unexpected death seems much more difficult than when one dies who's death is seen coming.

I'm sure a lot of people with body guards now know that cannot stop death from happening to them. This only means one thing-- that we all need to bring ourselves closer to God, and treat fellow human beings in the way they deserve.You can spend your life envisioning that you are Superwoman or Superman because of power,guns, connections and wealth but you never will be.We are what we are, and to strive to be something we aren't, or ever, to choose to attempt to play like your invisible and never vulnerable, is a fools course.We all can choose whether to touch other lives in a positive or negative way. Positive feels so much better. Therefore,we have two choices in life. One, we can rely on He who created us or two,we can rely on ourselves.Frankly, I have always been disappointed when relying on human abilities so it never made sense, common sense, to me that people would entrust their immortality to themselves. Mulekelawo okwepankila kubantu banamwe!

I think I will have another coffee now!
*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*
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"My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!"

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