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18 March 2017 | Press Release

We Need A Lean Government, Not Lean Ghanaians

Right Alliance Ghana
We Need A Lean Government, Not Lean Ghanaians

The Right Alliance-Ghana has noted with growing concern what appears to be the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s penchant for piling up ministerial appointments since he assumed office in January. So far, he has made a total of 110 and there are indications the number could go up.

While conceding that it is within the President’s powers to appoint as many Ministers and Deputy Ministers as he deems necessary to effectively deliver on his mandate, we believe several of the appointments are unnecessary and some of the portfolios rather superfluous.

Apart from the position of some of the appointees being needless duplication of the roles and functions of others, the large size of government will be a wasteful drain on the state coffers which the President describes as being in dire straits.

Moreover, he has publicly pledged and reiterated his commitment to protecting the public purse.

We at the Right Alliance-Ghana fail to see how an over-bloated government that will invariably necessitate an increased ministerial wage bill is a protection of the public purse.

It is on record that with the current number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers, President Akufo Addo has formed the largest government in the country’s democratic history since independence.

There is no evidence anywhere in the world that a large size of government has resulted in greater efficiency or performance. Indeed, most of the available evidence points to the contrary.

The attempt at explanation and justification by the Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, is not only grossly ridiculous but also an insult to the intelligence and sensibilities of Ghanaians.

We therefore join other concerned individuals and Civil Society Organisations to condemn this tendency of the President towards profligacy and call on him to halt the Ministerial appointments or even cut down on the number. We need a lean government, not lean Ghanaians.

#Long Live Ghana!
#Long Live the Fourth Republic!
#Long Live the Right Alliance!
Alhaji Sani Mohammed
(Executive –Secretary- the Right Alliance-Ghana)

Kwaku Badman
(Director of Communications, the Right Alliance- Ghana)