Are We Really Benefiting From Gold Mining In Ghana?

Feature Article Are We Really Benefiting From Gold Mining In Ghana?
MAR 16, 2017 LISTEN

Don’t be surprised that a whole lot people including foreign investors and their local collaborators have for some time now been invading Ghana to engage in gold mining. Yes, this nation was until 6th March known as Gold Coast because our colonial masters the British and Portuguese explorers found gold in abundance. However, this has remained with us even now that we are known as Ghana.

Though Obuase in Ashanti region used to be known as the major gold mining town since our colonial days but over time other towns in most parts of Ghana from south to north are fast becoming gold mining centers. These are towns where gold mining has affected the rivers and streams of Ghana.

Today through approved and illegal mining alone billions of dollars’ worth of gold in mined and the proceeds syphoned to countries outside Ghana yes Switzerland alone is reported to have moved out of Ghana 2billion worth of gold.

The question to ask is of what benefit has the current vigorous mining to Ghana? Why is it that with all this our currency is on a downward trend? Why is it that we continue to go out there borrowing huge cash out of Ghana for our development? The time has come for us to consider through the new government of New Patriotic Party to halt the illegal galamsey activities in all parts of Ghana for us to investigate the harm it has done and continues to do to our land and its people.

Nana Dwomo Sarpong of the of Rivers and Water Bodies has recently warned {in a radio discussion} that if action is not taken immediately Ghana would relapse into a situation that the chemicals sprinkled on our food crops and in mining activities would cause the outbreak of diseases with fatal consequences.

Yes, as he said it could cause the death of many people including the coming generations. He revealed that something can be done about the situation adding that we can copy the best practices from nations like United Arab Emirates and others in Africa and Europe to sanitize our use of our land for farming and mining to ensure the safety of our land its waters and people

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