19.04.2005 General News

Selormey's Death Could Have Been Prevented

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A former Minister for Food and Agriculture in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, Mr Ibrahim Adam says the death of former Deputy Minister for finance, Mr Victor Selormey could have been prevented.

The former Minister, together with Mr George Yankey, a Former Director of Legal Sector, Private and Financial Institutions of the Ministry of Finance, were sentenced to two years' imprisonment each, and spent time with Mr Selormey and Mr Kwame Peprah, former Finance Minster at the Nsawam Prisons.

In an interview, Mr Ibrahim Adam said he believes the death of Mr Selormey could have been prevented, although he did not rule out the role of predestination.

Mr Adam bemoaned the poor conditions in Ghana's prisons, noting that many prison deaths could have been avoided with better equipping of the infirmaries. According to him, most of the drugs administered at the infirmries are outdated, adding that more needs to be done about the provision of health care for prisoners.

Mr Ibrahim recounted memories of prison life with Mr Selormey and said that Mr Selormey was the Physical Education instructor at the prison where they were and subjucted himself to frequent pysical exercise in line with the doctor's advice.

Mr Ibrahim Adam said when it was time for himself and George Sipa Yankey to leave the prison after their two year term was complete, Mr Selormey expressed sadness about the loneliness that their departure would impose on him, noting that that was the last time he spoke to Mr Victor Selormey.

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