18.04.2005 General News

Controversy Over Veep's Sister-in-law

By Heritage
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Distraught and disaffected by moves to impose Madam Jaliya Egala, the sister-in-law of the Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama, as the DCE, the Sisala East NPP, led by the party's hardworking Youth Chairman, Mr Tahiru Issahaka have made passionate appeal to President Kufuor not to appoint the aforesaid woman because she doesn't have what it takes to handle the place.

According to the NPP bigmen at the constituency, President Kufour had promised them in a deal in the run-up to the 2004 election that it they allowed his favoured candidate to stand at the constituency unopposed he would also reciprocate by selecting their man for the position of the DCE after the election.

The Heritage has learnt that an NPP candidate, Mr Ahmed Bawuorun was asked by President Kufuor to step down in order to pave the way for Mr. Moses Daniba of the Peoples' National Convention, (PNC) to win the seat.

According to the deal struck between the President and the NPP local executives in the run-up to the 2004 election, Mr Ahmed should have been the strong contender for the DCE post now. However the NPP youth Chairman told newsmen that out of the blue, the sister-in-law of the Vice-President has emerged as the surest contender for the position, something they considered as unacceptably strange.

Mr Issahaka pointed out that Ms Jaliya had purportedly told the NPP local executives including the Sissala East Constituency Chairman, Mr Mohammed Yakubu that she was asked to submit her application form to them by the Vice President. Alarmed by what the said woman had told them, they arranged a meeting with the party's regional chairman who also affirmed that the woman has mentioned the name of the Vice-President as the one who had asked her to bring her application.

"We are hearing some rumour that they are going to impose some woman on us, which we don't like. When she came to the constituency she met our chairman and said the Vice-President had asked her to bring her application. "When we met our regional chairman he said some woman came and that the vice-president had said she should bring her application to him. The regional chairman was not happy because he has never seen her before," Mr Issahaka told newsmen.

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