15.04.2005 General News

Baah-Acheamfuor is not THE Baah-Acheamfuor

By Palaver
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The attempted “Wahala” Disruptions.... Baah-Acheamfuor Unmasked! THE man paid to disrupt the activities of members of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA), organisers of the anti-increased petroleum prices, anti-hardships and anti-NPP arrogance “Wahala” demonstrations by filing a suit at the High Court seeking a postponement of all 'Wahala” demonstrations until the organisers can prove that their platform will not be used to sing songs like “Ataa Ayi nie, Kufuor nie——Awi nie, Kufuor nie——Koromfoo nie, Kufuor nie —— Ya-Na Ti nie, Kufuor nie”, has finally been unmasked.

Suing under the name “Kwame Baah-Acheamfuor”, he has been identified as “Rockson Baah-Acheamfuor” of House Number 2E 263, Iron City, Kasoa.

He is currently working at the Accounts Office of the University of Ghana Business School, (formerly School of Administration), University of Ghana, Legon.

'Ghana Palaver' intelligence operatives have revealed that Mr. Rockson Baah-Acheamfuor was infiltrated into Mr. Ato Ahwoi's Cashpro Ltd. where he worked from 1995 to 2001 when the Company ceased operation.

At that time, the NPP suspected that Cashpro was an NDC front company, and Mr. Baah-Acheamfuor's job was to snoop around and feed the NPP with any NDC intelligence that he might lay hands on. It is not thought that he was very successful at the assignment.

Our operatives also report that Mr. Baah-Acheamfuor was sighted at the CJA Press Conference held on 6th April 2005 where nicodemously had the nine CJS defendants to his suit served with the writ of summons.

As at the time going to press, the agents of the CJA defendants to his action were looking for Rockson Baah-Acheamfuor at his Business School workplace on Legon campus to serve him with their Entry of Appearance and Statements of Defence.

Observers are of the view that the NPP, knowing the futility of the judicial route they had taken in such a politically charged arena, deliberately counselled Rockson to file the writ without the assistance of counsel, so that in the event of any embarrassment, he will take personal responsibility.

Meanwhile, Major Kwabena Baah-Acheamfuor (Rtd), member of the erstwhile AFRC, has strenuously denied some newspaper reports linking him with the court action against the CJA members.

Major Baah-Acheamfuor said he has no idea about the action and is not associated in any way with the person that 'Ghana Palaver' has identified as Rockson Baah-Acheamfuor, staff of the University of Ghana Business School and formerly of Cashpro Ltd.

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